Ideas, Solutions And Plants For The Food And Beverage Industray

Since 1983, SAP Italia has operated successfully on an international level in
the field of construction of processing plants for the food industry.
The range of services that SAP Italia offers its customers includes indepth feasibility studies, comprehensive and detailed cost estimates, custom
design for specific needs, production, installation, testing, staff training, preventive maintenance, assistance with specialized technicians and a spare parts service.

Our portfolio includes:
• Mixing and carbonating units
• HTST pasteurizers and UHT sterilizer
• CIP and SIP plants
• Syrup and juice preparation rooms
• Batch and continuous sugar dissolvers
• Asepetic dosage and aseptic storage tanks
• Turnkey projects

Thanks to constant efforts in the search for new solutions and numerous collaborations that have taken place over the years with leading customers in the industry, SAP Italia has gained extensive know-how in the various fields of operation and it’s proud to present the new series of plants specifically studied for aseptic treatment born from a fruitful cooperation with Refresco Italia.
Refresco, European leader in the business of subcontracted soft drink bottling, engaged in the expansion of its product range and focused on ensuring the final customer a consistently higher guarantee on its products, has commissioned SAP Italia the study and development of one of the most ambitious projects ever conceived in the aseptic drinks production that covers a wide range of products, such as fruit juices, traditional drinks, tea and milk.

The strategy developed by the partnership, involving two of the major market leaders, is to achieve high goals if added value such as: – full automation to ensure extreme flexibility and
the detailed control of every process parameter – reduction of waste during production – excellent energy recovery thanks also to the integration of Asepto-R Top with a Co-generation Plant of brand new conception.
The technical staff of SAP Italia and Refresco Italia have been working together for several months, sharing decades of experience in research and
production, in order to achieve perfection of the whole process and providing great attention to aspects related to the design and perfect sanitation. The result is a combination of tested technologies and new production concepts.

Aseptic-R Top can treat any type of drink and thanks to the special construction of the tubular heat exchanger, even soft drinks containing solids or isotonic drinks with particularly aggressive salts. Each component installed on the plant has been selected with care among the best global manufacturers to ensure the reliability that SAP Italia installations are accustomed to offering in Italy.

The supervision system, developed and produced specifically for this system, is intuitive, easy-to-use and reliable.
Each variable is stored in the database and can be consulted at any time, ensuring full traceability of all production.
ATK-R Top, the top range of aseptic tanks of SAP Italia completes the supply. The tank is meant to store the product after heat treatment and maintain its sterility. Thanks to its particular design, all possible contact with the atmosphere is protected by steam barriers. Perfect integration with
the sterilisation plant of Asepto-R makes this the ideal solution to preserve product quality and sterility after the heat treatment, in stand-by for the
filling process.

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