Subject to a constant technological evolution, packagingplays a key role for thosewho produce and buy consumergoods. Nowadays, when supermarkets are overcrowded of references,sometimes similar to each other,packaging is the only efficient communication and sales tool that directly involves the consumer.

Packaging contributes to clearly conveying the qualities a product has
and to informing consumers on what is interesting and specific (that’s why
we talk about strategic packaging). Format, colours, design, size and materials are elements used to distinguish oneself from competitors.
More and more companies invest in innovative machines to increase their production capacity, in order to be able to satisfy the market needs and at the same time to differentiate products through attractive packs.
The MP 150 ERGON overlapping cardboard sleeve packer, that will be showcased at Brau Beviale international trade fair, taking place in Nuremberg – Germany from 12th to 14th November, meets these needs.
Thanks to the design and production of machines with an innovative design, equipped with IoT technology, SMI provides cutting-edge solutions for the primary, secondary and tertiary packaging that ensure production efficiency, operational flexibility, energy saving, ease of use and bottling and packaging line monitoring.

Beer and packaging:
a winning combination
The continuous increase in craft beer
consumption all over the world is accompanied by the emergence of new
microbreweries and by the increase inproduction, that have led the operators of the sector to invest in automatic bottling and packaging plants; indeed, well-thought-out and well-made packaging is a winning tool.
SMI packers from the MP ERGON range allow companies to compete, by leveraging on innovative packaging, without forgetting important elements, such as the practicality and the protection of packed products. The machine that will be showcased in Nuremberg packs in 1X3 in NT style 0,33 L glass beers by Via Priula brewery in San Pellegrino Terme, that are grouped in a pack equipped with a handle that serves as gift box.

An original packaging that ensures a great visibility and is able to catch the attention of a large number of consumers in stores; furthermore, particular packs such as the ones manufactured by the MP give higher quality and an additional value to a product that is unique, related to the local territory and characterized by features appreciated by experts and recognized by awards achieved on a national level.

Overlapping cardboard sleeve packers are the ideal solution for realizing a strategic packaging and offering great advantages
• packers from the MP range are suitable to pack a wide range of containers in many configurations, in order to efficiently meet the changing current and future needs of final customers;
• the continuous motion packaging cycle ensures a smooth production flow, without jerky movements, which protects containers from knocks, ensuring product integrity, high quality of the pack and reduced mechanical wear of the machine components;
• the hot melt glue sealing of the pack bottom is precise and long-lasting,
with the possibility to use different types of cardboard;
• the packers from the SMI’s MP ERGON range are the ideal solution for
manufacturing a pack with a captivating design and strong visual impact able to capture the consumers’ attention; moreover, packs in cardboard sleeves are very resistant to knocks and easy to manage, open and store;
• the touch-screen control panelis equipped with a graphic “user-friendly” interface, this allows to manage the machine in an easy, intuitive way and have advanced real-time diagnostic and technical support functions;
• ergonomic design characterized by slightly rounded safety doors, allowing all the motors to be mounted externally to the mechanical groups they activate, making maintenance operations easier.

Primary packaging as promotional vehicle
Recognition and visibility of the product on the store shelves are key elements for the business success. For this reason, companies of the food &
beverage industry invest strongly not only in the secondary packaging, but
also in the design of the primary packaging, by looking for shapes and sizes
with a strong appeal and by using all the opportunities of customization offered by a ductile and flexible material like PET.
SMI, thanks to a modern CAD department equipped with design tools of
the latest generation, is able to design and graphically process a wide
range of PET bottles and containers with a simple or complex shape, with
functional and customized design. SMI design department has realized
until now more than 1,700 containers, different for design, shape weight
and size.

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