PACKPACT: the first network of Italian companies for complete and innovative technological solutions

The project was launched in 2013 under the name “Processing & Packaging – The High-Tech Italian Way” and was recently renamed “PACKPACT – Your partner in advanced Processing & Packaging”.
It is a network of leading companies in the processing and packaging industry, which provides the customer with complete, flexible and advanced solutions, guaranteed by the unmatched made-in-Italy technology.
The network was created to develop business and to increase competitiveness on the markets through the integration of each participating company’s specific skills. The main aim of the companies is to access emerging markets by promoting an integrated product offer, to boost joint marketing activities and to undertake shared initiatives in order to be recognized as a unique partner for every customer need.
Grown over time, today PACKPACT includes seven national producers, leaders in their respective sectors thanks to the entry of new companies that have trusted this new way of doing business abroad. The first Italian network of companies in the processing and packaging industry includes: Cama Group (secondary packaging), Clevertech (palletizing), Ilpra (traysealing, thermoforming fill and seal), Makro Labelling (labelling), Ronchi Mario (filling&capping), Universal Pack (stick pack & sachetfill and seal) e Tosa Group (wrapping).
In 2018, the companies belonging to the network recorded a total turnover of 300 million euros, of which approximately 85% came from exports. The network employs over 1,050 people, with a 20% increase in employment in the last two years. The goal of sharing strategic assets in order to better promote the companies in the new markets has strengthened the core value that the network wants to embody: “the excellence of the Italian processing and packaging chain, which is highly competitive on the international market for its complete and innovative technological solutions”. The network was born on the initiative of Gianmario Ronchi, CEO of Gianmario Ronchi, who conceived this project. He affirmed that “it is essential to have shared an active relationships between different companies to consolidate our presence in foreign markets and promote the “Italian system”. In our industry, each of the companies in the network already has an excellent international reputation for its high technological capabilities and manufacturing flexibility. Our portfolio of integrated technological solutions, a sales force strengthened by the network and the trade fairs as our main promotional tool – all this has allowed us, in just two years, to consolidate our presence and, above all, to explore new sales channels and enter new markets as leaders, such as, for example, the most growing economic areas”.
Annalisa Bellante, president of PACKPACT and CEO of Cama Group, stated that “Cama joined the network with the purpose of creating an innovative form of aggregation, independent from trade associations, to create real promotional synergies and stimulate both sector innovation and internationalization, and therefore improving the companies’ competitiveness. The network wants to go beyond a simple co-promotion, but aims at sharing business experiences in a constant debate on both strategic and operational issues, which are more than just important commercial and project synergies.It’s an ongoing discussion between modern entrepreneurs, who are managing hi-tech companies and are willing to find the key to the success of “made in Italy” solutions thanks to a shared exchange of know-how and experience”.
The Italian companies in the Network want to represent and export the unmatched made-in-Italy technology all over the world, to compete with the major international big players and offer customers the benefits of a one-stop-shop service, through the supply of a complete range of integrated solutions, meeting all production needs.
The synergy between the companies of the network has laid the foundations for collaborative relationships that translate into the mutual transmission of leads and joint implementation of projects.

What’s particular about this line are the special and out-of-format dimensions of the package. The major benefit of this project is the perfect integration of the Universal Pack loaders with the Cama Group conveyors.
In the second case, the joint activity of Clevertech and Tosa Group has resulted in a line that combines the mechanical and electrical design of both the companies. From the spiral lifter to the pallet stacker, the end-of-line system minimizes the transfer cycle to the forklift and was designed and assembled by Clevertech integrating the stretch film wrapping solution from Tosa Group.

In both examples, the know-how of the individual companies offers the client the extraordinary opportunity to take advantage of a complex and complete solution in a single unit.
The three-year internationalization program started in October 2018 in collaboration with Honegger, Project Manager of the network, has so far seen the presence of the network in the following countries around the world: Iran, India, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Algeria, China, Australia and Thailand.
An unmissable appointment for the companies of the Packpact network is the Interpack event, no. 1 trade and packaging fair, that the companies will attend individually according to the sectorisation of the exhibition.

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