machines for rotary presses, coaters, laminators, cutters, extruders, flexographic presses, metallizers, and machines for the paper and board industry 

Automation Systems is a company comprised of a team of skilled engineers specializing primarily in the Converting industry.  

Our technicians have acquired over 30 years of experience in this field, allowing us to provide a turnkey service that encompasses everything from the CAD design of electrical and pneumatic schematics to the design of PLC SW, DRIVES, operator terminals, and supervision.  

We also manufacture electrical cabinets and on-board machine systems, as well as provide installation, testing, and specialized technical assistance worldwide. 

Our main focus is on the following types of machines: rotary presses, coaters, laminators, cutters, extruders, metallizers, flexographic presses, and machines for the paper and board industry.  

In addition to graphic machines, our company has also gained experience in motion control systems, electrifying automatic machines with absolute precision and highspeed controls.  

We utilize a variety of drives and control systems, such as Siemens (s5, s7, Simotion), Allen Bradley (Plc5, slc500, compact logix), CGE, Parker SSD (AC, DC, Brushless), Control Techniques (mentor DC, unidrive, unidriveSP, commander SE), Siei (DC, AC, Brushless), ABB (DC, AC), Danaher Motion, and many more. 

 Our Human-Machine Interface (HMI) systems include Wincc Flexible, Protool, Panel View, TIA PORTAL, Uniop, ESA, Proface, and others.  

We are confident that we can offer you an expert and reliable technical service. 

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