Bottling 4.0 For Jallab! The choice of Kassatly Chtaura Automating the jallab syrup bottling process

The Lebanese company Kassatly Chtaura, the first one to bottle Jallab syrup in modern production plants, constantly invests in the purchase of latest generation machinery.
To face the increasing market demand, Kassatly Chtaura turned to SMI to automate the bottling and packaging process, previously carried out by hand, by purchasing the ultracompact ECOBLOC® ERGON 2-9-3 KEV system, to manufacture new PET bottles of 1 L and 2.65 L, which are lighter than those used in the past.

The equipment installed by SMI immediately seemed the most suitable choice for the Lebanese company’s needs, as the cutting-edge ECOBLOC® ERGON K EV series stands out for advanced technology, energy savings and, therefore, it is suitable for optimizing the production costs of seasonal and bespoke batches.

A trip where our taste buds find the flavour of Jallab
Jallab juice is one of the most wellknown drinks in Lebanon, made from
carob, fruit syrup, dates, grape molasses and rose water; drinking jallab
syrup at the end of a day of fasting becomes an elixir to replenish energy and re-hydrate and, for this reason, it is often consumed during Ramadan.
When we speak about jallab, we immediately think about Kassatly Chtaura. In 1977 Kassatly was the first company to bottle this syrup in modern production plants, over the years the machinery has been upgraded and modernized.

Originally from the Middle East, Turkey and Iran, Jallab is a syrup served diluted with water, ice, zibibbo wine and pine nuts, without which it would not be an authentic jallab drink. This delicious, refreshing beverage, which can even be ordered to accompany a meal, has a unique, sweet aroma, and is usually served in summer

The advantages of SMI solution
• rotary, high efficiency stretch-blow moulding system equipped with motorised stretch rods, which presents considerable advantages
compared to linear blowers;
• ultra-compact plant, which clusters the stretch-blow moulding, filling
and capping operations of PET bottles in a single block and does not
need a rinser or airveyors between the blower and filler;
• quick and precise filling and capping processes, thanks to the electronic control systems and the use of high efficiency valves driven by flowmeters;
• low energy consumption of the blower, thanks to a preform-heating
module equipped with energy-efficient IR lamps and to a blow-moulding module equipped with a dual air recovery system, which allows power cost cutting in connection with high pressure compressed air production;
• new frame with a modular design, with no part welding, equipped with very resistant and time lasting safety doors made from reinforced glass;
• EASY-CAP gravitational cap orientator, which collects plastic caps from
a hopper and only carries those ones being correctly set way up; it is
suitable for lots of different plastic caps and is suitable for any layout solution;
• Re-design of PET bottles: The drawing of the PET bottle, which is blown
and filled by the ECOBLOC® ERGON K EV is the same as that used in
the past for hand production. The SMI designers were asked to create a lighter bottle than its predecessor and this objective was reached by optimizing the preform material and working on the mechanical characteristics of the new container. Thanks to the improved distribution of the material, the veining of the bottle and to the presence of some geographical factors, it was possible to create a lighter bottle with economical and eco-friendly advantages.
Kassatly Chtaura

The roots of this Lebanese company go back to 1974, when the current
CEO Akram Kassatly founded a small artisan company to produce wine, following in his father, Nicholas’s, footsteps who had worked in this sector since 1919. Today, after more than 40 years, the name Kassatly Chtaura is synonymous with quality and enjoyed by consumers in every part of the Middle East. The current range of production is vast and includes, liqueurs, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers (sold under the brands Buzz and Freez), the branded T Beirut Beer, launched on the market in 2015 and packed by an SMI model SK 400 F shrink wrapper, and of course all the syrups, like jallab.

This Lebanese company has been in constant growth right from the beginning, enough so, to have allowed them to reach important goals on the national and international markets over a relatively short time. Kassatly Chtaura, who has collaborated with SMI since 1997, currently has more than 10 SMI packers from the WP, SK and MP ranges. These are used to secondary pack a wide range of wraparound boxes, shrink-wrapped bundles and card multi-packs. The company pays a lot of attention to market needs and constantly invests in the purchase of latest generation machinery to automate bottling and packaging, such as the integrated system of the ECOBLOC® ERGON 2-9-3 K EV range, which was recently installed for the seasonal production of jallab syrup.

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