Market of opportunities: pacprocess MEA and Food Africa ready for kick-off

Offering you new horizons and contacts, innovations on processing & packaging and the diversity of the African food mega-market. From 12 to 14 December 2023, Food Africa and pacprocess MEA will again become the stage for the newest technologies and concepts, building important bridges for partnerships that go beyond borders. Towards the end of the year, the


Food labeling is of fundamental importance to ensure the safety and transparency of products. Companies are using technologies such as blockchain, AI, QR codes, and sensors to improve product traceability and quality.  Food labeling has become a central issue in contemporary society. The quality of food and food safety are distinctive elements of European culture.


Plastics have become a fundamental part of the packaging world. There is a broad spectrum of applications for polymers. In addition, they have a low weight, long shelf-life and can also be used in sensitive application areas like the food or pharmaceutical industry. Therefore it comes as no surprise that plastics are used en masse

Hi-Tech Machines For The Canning Industry Cutting-edge industrial machinery for primary and secondary packaging in the food industry

Cuomo is an Italian company specialized in the design and production ofmachines and complete lines for primary and secondary packaging in the food industry. Founded in 1964 as a family business, today the company is internationally recognized for its offer of technologically advanced and innovative solutions. The equipment available, in fact, allows satisfying every need

Ideas, Solutions And Plants For The Food And Beverage Industray

Since 1983, SAP Italia has operated successfully on an international level inthe field of construction of processing plants for the food industry.The range of services that SAP Italia offers its customers includes indepth feasibility studies, comprehensive and detailed cost estimates, customdesign for specific needs, production, installation, testing, staff training, preventive maintenance, assistance with specialized technicians