Hi-Tech Machines For The Canning Industry Cutting-edge industrial machinery for primary and secondary packaging in the food industry

Cuomo is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of
machines and complete lines for primary and secondary packaging in the food industry. Founded in 1964 as a family business, today the company is internationally recognized for its offer of technologically advanced and innovative solutions. The equipment available, in fact, allows satisfying every need of the small, medium and large canning industry with machines and complete lines for the packaging of different types of food, from meat, fish, to vegetables products. Cuomo’s offices and factory are located in Nocera Inferiore, in the province of Salerno, and cover an area of about 11,000 square meters, 4,500 of which are covered. The company operates in 4 continents through direct sales and agents working locally.
In addition to the machinery for the canning industry, Cuomo production includes two other divisions oriented to the production of metal packaging machines and twist-cap machines.

Canning machinery carries out the entire food packaging process, including heat treatment of filled packaging and secondary packaging. At the heart of these production lines, there are the automatic filling and closing units capable of filling the packaging by gravity, volumetrically or vacuum before closing by automatic seamers. The range of machines for the canning industry reaches production speeds ranging from 60 to 1000 cans /1’, for cans with diameters from Ø 52 to Ø 155.
The division for the production of metal packaging offers a wide range of machines for complete lines for the production of tinplate cans, twist-off caps and glass jars for food products such as jams, legumes, tuna, ketchup, sauces, etc…

Among Cuomo’s outstanding ma- chines, there is also the A480 Automatic Seamer with 10 seaming heads, rotary can, adjustable height tower for seaming metal lids to cylindrical cans. This extremely compact machine is specially designed for closing cans.
All Cuomo machines and lines are individually designed and are available in independent operat- ing version or in multi-machine groups. The parts touching the product are made of stainless steel. Cuomo also boasts an effective pre and after-sales service, technical assistance and maintenance, both in Italy and abroad.

A valuable consulting service helps the customer in the choice of equipment according to their specific needs, follows the installation and commissioning, and assists the customer in the after-sales for the entire life cycle of the equipment. Finally, Cuomo is a manufacturer of a wide range of spare parts, tool and dies that it distributes internationally.
Cuomo embodies a constant commitment to the research of high technological levels, carefully controlling production costs and the capillarity of quality controls, which has allowed the company to maintain high-quality standards certified ISO 9001 for over 50 years.


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