Powder Stickpack Neatly Collected

One of the top Chinese producers of the healthy products started automating their production lines in the new factory initially with a Cama side loading cartoner machine for stickpack.

The bestseller product in their portfolio is a high value meal replacement powder. Due to the fact that their line was a never stop line our customer needed high efficiency, short maintenance time and high flexibility on carton dimension because of a variety of sku.

In the past the stickpack was randomly collected and inserted into carton manually. For a marketing request, to launch a premium product they decided to collect stickpacks in a neatly way. Moreover to avoid human’s mistakes in unprecise counting, the customer decided to automate the line with proven technology.

We offered 3 sku, from 6 counts to 18 counts loaded into a pre-glued carton with a prearrangement to serve in the future double stickpack fill r instead of existing one. This line is also very interactive; it can exchange data with customer ERP and upload the performance in real time.

Cama collects stickpacks arriving from a multiple fill rs, products are positioned in single pocket each one, they are merged into Cama cartoner main pocket conveyor on edge and loaded into cartons. One laser printing was installed too.


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