Zambelli: Different Products, Same High Quality

Zambelli, since 1969,   designs and  manufactures   cutting- edge  technical
solutions for the packaging industry.
50  years  of   business,  2 generations  at  work  and hundreds  of   customers worldwide
50 years have passed since Flavio Zambelli decided to start his small business in Bologna downtown. Since then, thanks to his perseverance and the following generations, Zambelli continues to grow and proudly serve its customers all over the world. Zambelli core values Behind every machine supplied and every service rendered, there are people. Working hard, sharing the joy of a successful project, this is what gives us the strength to grow and always move forward.
Zambelli  is  a  large  family which includes relatives, colleagues  and,  above  all, customers.

Zambelli business approach
• Market research & target identification
• Development of  ideas & design
•  Collaboration  with  customer to adapt to its specific needs
• Prototyping & test
•   Manufacturing,   installation & training
•  Continuous  exchange  of information
• Planned maintenance, service & spares

Who we are and what we do? We  are  #MarketOriented, because  we  are  constantly reaching  out  to  new  horizons.
Starting  from  our  core  industry,  Food  &  Beverage, over   the   years   we   have developed   packaging   ma- chines  also  for  pet  food, baby  food,  home  care  & personal    care,    Industrial goods as bearings and consumables  for  the  welding industry and many more. 50  years  of   perseverance and   success,   an   ongoing story for Zambelli and its friends.
We design #PowerfulSolutions, because thanks to our experience we design and manufacture packaging machines that fit the needs of our customer: if the requirement is to pack- age products with LDPE

(Low-Density Polyethylene), Zambelli makes available its best Shrinkwrappers suitable for film only, flat pad + film, tray + film. If the request is for cardboard packaging of various sizes, Zambelli Cartoners and Case Packers – Wrap Around or preglued RSC are the best solutions; if it’s not enough, Zambelli provides Robotic System tailored to any application that requires specific handling and Combi machines made by the combination of     Shrinkwrappers and Case Packers.

Our  solutions  are  versatile and customized, every project is different but our commitment remains the same.
We    are    #CustomerOriented, because for us most important  is   to   find   the best solution for customers needs.
Our attention is always focused  on  their  production process  and  its  needs.  For this  reason,  to  fully  satisfy our customer, we are willing to provide various types of services pre and after sales: • Design
• Installation
• Technical Documentation
• Service & Spare
• Upgrades
• Training for technicians & operator

What we can do for you and your project?
Three easy steps:
Meet up – contact us for a first meeting.
Talk  &  Plan  –  let’s talk about your ideas and how we could develop them together.
Design & Collab – now the fun part:  let’s design!  We work together to make everything  perfect according to your needs. Contact us:
• (+39) 051 66 61 782
• Via Ferrara, 35/41 San Pietro in Casale, Bologna (IT)
Follow us on:
• Facebook & Instagram: @ZambelliPackaging

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