USPA Fruit. Your Fresh Ukrainian Partner

USPA Fruit consolidates Ukrainian producers of products to scale the volumes of supply offered to our customers.

• USPA Fruit it is selected premium fruits from Ukraine to the world
• USPA Fruit it is a reasonable price for excellent quality
• USPA Fruit it is a professional team and support 24/7
Apples, that is what we famous for!

Moderate continental climate in Ukraine and the composition of its fertile soil contribute to the production of apples of high commercial quality. The agroclimatic condition surrounding our apple farms is a key factor that impacts the growth and development of the apples.
The apple trees are tedious and require a specific number of chilling hours below +7 °C for the best growth and high productivity. Sufficient sunshine is required for healthy fruit to gain an attractive color.
Due to the special climate conditions in Ukraine, our apples have intense natural flavor, high sugar content as well as rich color and aroma.
Ukrainian apples are Tasty, Crunchy, Juicy & Fresh!
Along with apples, we do other fruits!

We create values for suppliers and buyers. We do not just buy and sell but do a lot of things in order Ukrainian fruits and berries to get the different markets all around those 16 countries in the main regions where we work on, such as South-East, GCC and EU countries.
Ukrainian production of the fruits is fragmented so that it is a complex task
for local growers to export a considerable  volume of any fruit during the whole season.

However, USPA FRUIT is those company which can do it, aggregating huge volumes  and  selecting  the  best  from Ukraine to our customers, offering long term sales programs for different types of our customers.
What is valued for our partners abroad, that we cooperate with them in mentioned   countries   supplying   different crops from Ukraine or other origins in our region all round year offering the best quality for reasonable price. USPA FRUIT  company  presented  as  USPA FRUIT brand name, so that we do not have any chance to fail. Thus, we are those bridge which work well for all the parties, so Ukrainian crops get to the different countries at the fi st historical  time with our help. Indeed, Ukraine is one of the world biggest producer of different agricultural  crops.

Fruits and berries are in a top of interest of agribusiness traditionally as  Ukraine is a unique country for cultivating such crops as apples, pears,  cherries, plums, apricots, peaches,  blueberries, strawberries and a lot of others. Asia, GCC, and EU – our priority markets. To know more about USPA fruit visit  Fruit Logistica Berlin Hall 7.2b, Stand  B-07.

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