BBM Service Formula For The Bottling Line Engineering Through Recovering, Saving And Sustainability

BBM Service is an Italian excellence company operating both nation- ally and internationally. The company specialises in the supply of turn-key water and beverage bottling plants. We collaborate and work for the top brands of the beverage industry, but offering the same excellence to large multinational firms and lo- cal ones. The customised, flexible and quick service is the main reason why customers have chosen us for over 10 years, identifying BBM as the ideal partner for every project.

The vocation of BBM Service is to give quality services, pursuing the recovering philosophy which has been part of our company since its foundation. The high-quality of our offer is also proved by a steady growth of the company over the years, in terms of volumes, services and personnel, establishing itself as a reliable choice for the customer’s investment. Nowadays, our offer consists of: Used equipment excellence, thanks to a careful selection and an over- hauling and updating process, to offer ma- chines at competitive prices on the market. Customers can also visit the 7500 m2 production plant to see and inspect the models and follow the revamping at every stage, until the FAT on the actual products;

– Technical assistance, with more than 50 highly- skilled technicians with over 20 years of  experience and competence in the sector to form a team that is able to support the customer throughout the life of  the machine and on the different models by the main international manufacturers.
– Spare parts, whether it is normal usage wear or an emergency, BBM Packaging is a valid option  for the supply of  spare parts. Thanks to the wide range of  available items, the fast delivery and the competitive prices;
– Much more, the know- how is included in the BBM Packaging offer, following every customer through every step of  the project, from upgrading to revamping and changes in the models of  the main leading manufacturers. As a matter of  fact, we offer pre-sale analysis and the evaluation of  the possible solutions, up to the realisation and the final delivery of  the complete project, to guarantee a unique contractor for the whole process.

From simple maintenance of  machines to the engineering of  a line, the answer to the production and budget demands of  the customer moves towards the lowest possible impact on the environment and the sharing of  the best practices with the personnel of  the production site. Passion is what drives our daily work, because we
are well aware to be in a hyper-competitive market, with competitors with good prices and quality and in which the customer’s trust is gained after years and it can be lost in a matter of  seconds. For this reason, we give it all in every service and project for each customer and even more for those who have entrusted us over the years establishing a mutual satisfaction relationship.

This ability to combine recovering and efficiency makes BBM Service an appreciated partner for many customers.
That has led to our steady collaboration with large companies for the sup- ply of  maintenance and upgrade services on ma- chines and lines. Over the last few months, we have worked for one of  the major water bottling companies of  Italy indeed, for a project which has shown even better our capacity to add value to the available resources, always aiming at regeneration and sustainable production.
The project, for the up- grading and the increasing of  productivity of  the site, has involved BBM from the designing of  the new layout of  the line, with the implementation of  refurbished supplied machines, refurbished machines from other sites and new machines.
For this kind of  project, among the challenges we have faced, it must be mentioned the rearrangement of  available spaces, because different machines to increase productivity mean different and often larger dimensions. But also adapting and converting the machines and solutions, something that only an established company such as BBM Service can do.

Having a closer look at the specific activities we have done, it comes natural for us to start from the supply of  refurbished machines which is among our strengths. For this customer, the machines we have supplied are a blow moulder and a shrink- wrapper completely over- hauled , upgraded and ready for the production site, with the goal also of using less plastic.
Thanks to our support, the client has been able to allocate some machines from other production sites of  the group, some closed and some needing a machine upgrade, to the plant of  this project and for which they represent an improvement in terms of  capacity.

The machines we have relocated for this line are the filling machine, the palletizer and the labeller, next to several sections  of  conveyors. Obviously, relocation means also disassembling and assembling, but also being in charge of  transportation. Furthermore, refurbishing, changes of  format and conversion have been necessary to get the ma-
chines ready to work in the new line with also lighter performs. All these activities have been carried out by BBM Service directly in the working site.
The relocation done in accordance with the customer represents an interesting opportunity for every producer with more than one bottling and packaging factory, who can exploit the upgrade with new machines and the end of  activity in some lines to give new value to another one, thanks to our work.

As already said, the project involved also the use of  brand new machines which we set into the new layout of  the line and for which we have taken care of  the orders and the sup- ply. The new machines are the stretch-wrapper, the handle applicator and the bottle inspection device.
To conclude the installation activity of  the line, we run the testing to deliver to the customer a turnkey system.
Giuseppe Boffelli, CEO of  BBM Service Srl, had no doubt when the client challenged us with this multifaceted project: “… because the service work we were asked for consist- ed of  the activities BBM was born for in 2005, something we have been offering for years on the market, for which we have a great experience and match perfectly with our concept of  recovering and giving new value.”

Always with this concept at the centre of  our business model, we purchased from our customer some machines which became not apt for the new line, but which may have a second life in other production facility.
Of  course, to undertake similar projects, it is necessary a very cohesive and skilled team of  technicians and “…our people, under the supervision of  one of our installation managers, have done a great job, combining activities which are usually carried out separately, showing once again their dedication and reliability”, it is added by Daniele Milesi, Operations & After Sale Service Manager of  BBM Service.
The numbers of  the project are what stands out though, the line has doubled its hourly production (from 8.000 to 16.000 bph), reducing the weight of  the plastic per- forms (4 g less per each perform) for a total saving of  around 250.000,00 Eur per year, which by itself means the return of  the 1.000.000,00 Eur investment in few years. An increased productivity can be translated also in potentiality to better meet the demand of  the market, and consequently an improvement in the organization of  shifts.

Only to mention the immediate benefits. Here it is the perfect example of how BBM Service may be the unique reference point of  the customer for the many activities needed on a line, from servicing, to purchase, going through installation, with a well established structure, with
two facilities, more than 30 permanent technicians and well defined departments to serve the customer in the best way. This is the plus offered by BBM Service, which is now recognised and sought-after in the sector of bottling and packaging.

around 250.000,00 €/year INVESTMENT: around 1.000.000,00 €

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