Full data capabilities = Maximum benefits... Both sides of the sale

Digitalization at device, machine, plant and enterprise level is completely rewriting the rule books in terms of how companies can function and operate in the era of Industry 4.0. Today, the most powerful resource in any engineer’s toolbox is operational data. How companies then exploit this data may subsequently define their standing within an industry

Tecno Pack is synonymous with technology, experience, and service

In the sector of both primary and secondary flow pack and pillow pack packaging A leading company in the sector, Tecno Pack offers solutions that are always specific and can be applied to every sector, but with a particular focus on food. Tecno Pack provides all of the packaging technology that your company needs: from

Prosystem - Since 1991 tailor-made packaging technologies

High technology meets the attention to detail of Made in Italy Since 1991, ProSystem has been one of the market leaders in the production of single machines and complete lines for packaging, palletizing, wrapping and depalletizing. Quality, efficiency, functionality, respect for human resources and the environment: these are the values that guide our company today

IFP packaging, packaging, shrink wrap packaging technology

IFP Packaging has, for more than 25 years, provided a strong reference point for shrink wrap packaging technology. Since it joined the Tecno Pack S.p.A. group in 2011, it has embarked on a new path of technological, commercial, and industrial development. The company produces continuous electronic packaging machines that are built on entirely cantilevered structures

First compostable electrostatic dissipating anti-corrosion film in the world!

Breakthrough Packaging Technology for Electronics Industry EcoCortec is pleased to announce the world’s first Eco-Corr Film ESD – biodegradable, compostable static dissipative films and bags powered by “Nano” VpCI. This latest film technology is targeted mainly for electronics, telecommunications, packaging, and electric car industries seeking environmentally friendly packaging solutions. In anticipation of new EU regulations