Prosystem – Since 1991 tailor-made packaging technologies

High technology meets the attention to detail of Made in Italy

Since 1991, ProSystem has been one of the market leaders in the production of single machines and complete lines for packaging, palletizing, wrapping and depalletizing.

Quality, efficiency, functionality, respect for human resources and the environment: these are the values that guide our company today and for the future.

But the heart of ProSystem’s experience is in technology: each machine is designed and built according to the specific needs of the customer, to offer efficiency and maximum economy at a delicate stage of the product’s life. Emblematic is the COMPAL series, the monoblock of packaging and palletizing that have also conquered Australia.

It is a tailor-made approach that has made the company famous all over the world, bringing the excellence of Made in Italy in the automation sector.

The company is operating in various fields of application, from the food sector, home care, personal care, chemical, to petrochemical, paints and solvents. Each project is faced as a challenge, in which the difference is the skills and the team’s harmony.

The stages of a service of excellence The company’s know-how is made possible by a method that accompanies the customer at every stage, from feasibility analysis to design, from implementation to after-sales assistance. It is a turnkey service, increasingly appreciated by customers who are looking for a unique contact person to rely on.

After-sales and technical assistance is just one of many things we take pride in, with a service of spare parts in just 24/48 hours, able to ensure the fast recovery even in case of breakdowns, with a team ready to leave for every corner of the world – the location of the office next to the airport Catullo in Verona is strategic.

The redesign also plays a key role: the dedicated design team is able to revisit the lines to meet every need – including new formats, production speeds and extensions.

A family history Founded by Renzo Brizzi, ProSystem is the story of a family business, where skills and passion are handed down from generation to generation. Today Renzo’s daughter, Jessica Brizzi, supports her father in the management of the company, with the role of Sales and Marketing Manager of Prosystem.

The company today With the new frontiers of packaging – increasingly sustainable and based on Iot – the company is making numerous investments to make the machines increasingly efficient in consumption and open to innovation. ProSystem can be your partner!


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