New Modular CM: A star is born

Official launch for the new labeling solution produced by P.E. Labellers. It is called MODULAR CM and has all the features to be loved by many sectors that need a small to medium-sized labeling machine, super flexible thanks its complete modularity, with a layout that can be reconfigured easily and quickly.

Vinitaly | Enolitech Special Edition 2021 in Verona was the was the ideal showcase to officially present the new labeling solution, as it meets the needs of many producers and bottlers in the Wine & Spirits sector.

Modular CM is a compact and solid machine available in 4 sizes from small to medium, up to 6 labeling stations, perfect for glass and plastic bottles, cylindrical and shaped formats, and for partial labels – front / back, neck labels, plastic I/L/U shape tax stamps.

In addition to Wine&Spirits, Modular CM also satisfies the production needs of the Oil, Beer, Food&Dairy industries.

It features labeling stations with pressure sensitive technology and cold glue, reciprocally interchangeable; they are replaceable in a few steps according to any production needs.

The Modular CM is a machine that provides the highest standards of safety for the operators: it has up/down protections that, when raised, instantly stop the machine’s operation.

The 2021 editions of FachPack in Nuremberg, Pack Expo in Las Vegas and Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai have just finished. P.E. Labellers played a leading role thanks to the launch of new models and international awards won.

What news was on show at Pack Expo 2021?

Pack Expo was held in Las Vegas from September 28 to 30 and was the showcase for the official launch of SIMPL-CUT™, the revolutionary labeling solution that changes the rules of RollFed technology.

This solution represents a true innovation: it overcomes the limits of traditional RollFed labelers thanks to its cutting system, the extreme ease in replacing the blades and many other additional, unprecedented features.

These additional features didn’t go unnoticed: In fact, Simpl-Cut™ won PMMI’s coveted Technology Excellence Award at Pack Expo in Las Vegas, receiving the first prize for the most innovative solution in the General Packaging category. A very important goal achieved by P.E. Labellers.

What news was on show at FachPack 2021?

For the Nuremberg trade fair, held from September 27 to 29, P.E. Labellers showcased MODULAR SL, the fully flexible multi-configuration and multi-technology machine. This labeling solution can perform multiple configurations and application technologies: completely interchangeable labeling stations are installed, which can be replaced in a few steps.

The labeling stations can be either fixed or on independent carts, therefore modularity is expressed both in the technologies available and in the configurations that can be obtained. Modular SL is a machine with a vocation for safety, which makes the protection of the operator another of its strong points.

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