Labelx: The top of the range for automatic labeling machines produced by Labelpack

The automatic labeling machines by the LABELX collection are a reliable and high-performance solution for:

• Integration of flow-pack packaging lines.

• Vertical bagging machines.

• cartoning machines.

• vacuum packaging/ clear film machines.

• Product packaging lines and more.

LABELX ES is the principal model of the collection, is available in three different widths starting at 140 mm, then 250 mm and 350 mm, and offers a wide range of accessories that facilitate integration into any automatic packaging line.

The advanced electronic management available for each model, ensures high speed and an optimal level of application precision.

All operating parameters are easily managed via a colored touch screen operator panel.

Integrated with a thermal transfer printing unit, LABELX becomes a sophisticated printing and applying system capable of applying labels to single packs or bundles with exceptional productivity and many optional features, including:

• Unhindered performance on the production line.

• Control of proper application of each label.

• Ability to check legibility of each label.

• Barcode compliance.

The LABELX collection also has the following models: LABELX RM, with double motorization: this model is equipped with a reel holder that has a diameter of 400 mm. useful for managing normal autonomy operations and capable of reaching application speeds of 80 m / min.

LABELX JR, a model that is suitable for medium and low productivity applications and can be equipped with thermal transfer printing modules for variable data and barcode printing.

LABELX and LABELX JR two key labeling systems, specifically designed by LABELPACK for the food sector: COMPACT, the entry level series of automatic labeling system: available in 8 standard models, this system offers countless customizable solutions while the LABELX JR series labeler is capable of applying labels with heights up to 140/250 mm.

MODULAR, the top-level series of automatic labeling systems: suitable for meeting high production requirements, it is equipped with all the features required to satisfy integration into processes relating to industry 4.0.

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