Tecno Pack is synonymous with technology, experience, and service

In the sector of both primary and secondary flow pack and pillow pack packaging

A leading company in the sector, Tecno Pack offers solutions that are always specific and can be applied to every sector, but with a particular focus on food.

Tecno Pack provides all of the packaging technology that your company needs: from small, manually loaded electronic flow pack packaging machines, all the way to complete systems that collect products from the production line, package them in single or multiple packages, and transport them to the palletizing machines.

A commercial team of specialized technicians, a strong and flexible technical office, the internal production of all mechanical parts, the rigorous se-lection of trade materials, an outstanding production team, and efficient post sales service available around the world, make it possible for Tecno Pack to offer its clients machines and systems that are always “tailor-made” and recognized as the utmost expression of current technological innovation by companies like Barilla, Nestlé, Pavesi, Kraft, Baxter, Chipita, PepsiCo, and many others.

High speed processes, flexibility, modified atmosphere, product shelf life, and global integration of packaging in the company system are just some of the things that Tecno Pack enthusiastically and tenaciously handles every day and that, together with its clients, give it fresh life blood.

At Tecno Pack, they are confident of being able to create one of their “tailored designs” for your product and, from the get go, are committed to packaging it with the same care and attention with which it was produced.

Tecno Pack’s objective is to provide only technological excellence, adapting it to the needs and evolutions of your company and therefore earning, over the years, your full approval.

Tecno Pack wants to collaborate with and play a decisive role in your company’s success.



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