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IFP Packaging has, for more than 25 years, provided a strong reference point for shrink wrap packaging technology. Since it joined the Tecno Pack S.p.A. group in 2011, it has embarked on a new path of technological, commercial, and industrial development.

The company produces continuous electronic packaging machines that are built on entirely cantilevered structures and guarantee high performance, operational reliability, sanitation, and project customization.

Automatic loading systems, shrink wrappers of every size, and complete end-of-line equipment are entirely customised by the technical office in order to adapt every product to the specific needs of the client.

Meanwhile, the company has sturdy and versatile packaging machines on the market, built in series, with an excellent quality-price ratio. With IFP Packaging, every format finds its perfect packaging, with solutions ranging from controlled atmosphere to high speed, all the way to the most advanced automation, while always guaranteeing the best possible result.

IFP Packaging machines are able to package, preserve, and protect all food products, wrap technical articles (even large formats like mattresses and radiators), create and contain groups of bottles or jars, give boxes a shiny and invisible skin, and guarantee the correct number, weight, and quantity within every package.

DIAMOND 650 2 Belts

Diamond 650 2 Belts is IFP PACKAGING’s new model of horizontal electronic packaging machine for single layer film, characterised by the latest generation of technology and electronics, a cantilevered structure, and outstanding performance.

Diamond 650 2 Belts is the product of cutting edge design which has made it possible for a high performance, professional, and durable machine to meet the requested target price, lending itself, with the utmost versatility, to becoming a product that is suitable for small enterprises as well as big industry, capable of packaging single products with or without a tray and using shrink-wrap depending on the requirements.

Its cantilevered structure and the accessibility of its parts simplify all maintenance and cleaning operations, and the plastic roll that is loaded in front of the operator facilitates its operability. The model is available in painted or stainless steel versions.

The range of sizes and the continuously rotating heatsealing system make it possible to package both short and long pieces, like, for example, piping or unstable objects.

Equipped with a standard motorised conveyor belt, it offers the possibility of packaging multiple packs together, in a line or side-by-side. Its production capacity is 60 ppm, with the additional option of automatic loading.

The version with an integrated shrink-wrapping tunnel is particularly interesting and ready to be inserted in automatic processes such as line packaging machines.

The option of having the machine configured from right to left and from left to right allows a single operator to control two machines at the same time. The touch screen makes it possible to save up to 200 different programs, with the possibility of applying motorised changes in format between different packaging needs.

Finally, the time that elapses between installation and starting the process is kept to an absolute minimum thanks to the series of practical and easy-to understand tests provided by the company.


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