IMA Group make the most in the choco & confectionery market

As a principal designer and manufacturer of automatic processing and packaging equipment, we have gathered our major strengths to create a cluster of companies with a view to accompanying key players in the chocolate and confectionery sector towards new goals and better business.

The benefits of a single provider

Presenting ourselves as a unique source for this sector, we can count on a solid background and a number of assets. Firstly, our widespread presence in international markets and a track record of pioneering innovations in the field of packaging across several industries.

Secondly, in-depth knowledge of all steps in the process going from raw material processing to end-of-line packaging. Each of the companies in this new cluster contributes with a specific expertise, experience and knowledge of market trends, all of which is merged synergically into a single-provider concept.

This approach allows us to serve the industry better than if we were acting separately. We can optimize resources, ensure global coverage and local services, share experience and guide our customers towards solutions that will respond closely to tomorrow’s market trends. From concept to installation, we supply turnkey lines or single machines on a case-by-case basis.

The wealth of our experience at your service

Countless solutions are available from our cluster of specialist companies, starting with divisions that are the backbone of the IMA Group. Processing technologies are accounted for by IMA ACTIVE based on our experience in mixing, granulation, tableting and coating.

IMA Make the most - Choco & Confectionery

Thanks to a dedicated laboratory both in Italy and in the USA, customers benefit from expertise and support to test, develop and optimize products and processes. IMA GIMA contributes with experience in primary packaging, providing solutions for gum, soft, chewy and hard candy and jellies. These include wallets, cartons, tins, jars and bottles; standup cartons also for chocolate and nougat.

Furthermore, the division’s engineers also design the packaging lines starting from the package itself in order to supply a tailor-made solution. With experience stretching back over decades, IMA SAFE specializes in blister packaging, counting and cartoning for gums and candies.

Already part of IMA FLX, our flexible packaging hub, where we develop the most advanced technologies for flexible packaging and research eco-compatible solutions, companies such as IMA ILAPAK, IMA DELTA SYSTEMS (USA), IMA EUROSICMA, IMA TECMAR (Argentina) all contribute to making the new cluster of Confectionery specialists a one-stop answer for packaging excellence.

They account for Vertical and Horizontal Form Fill & Seal machines for any type of confectionery product, including lollipops, marshmallows, choco tablets and bars as well as those listed above. Packaging varies from Doypacks to block bottom and quad seal bags, and pillow bags.

Secondary packaging or end-of-line solutions come in the form of overwrapping, stretch and shrink wrapping, top and side-loading cartoners for display boxes, wrap-around tray packers, multipurpose cartoners, side-loading, top-loading and wrap-around case packers, and palletizers. These are developed by IMA GIMA, IMA CIEMME and IMA BFB.

IMA Zero: The corporate sustainable development project

Born in 2019, IMA ZERO is the foundation of the Group’s sustainable development program. It has the ultimate goal of minimizing environmental impact in industrial manufacturing and of promoting and creating a working and living habitat that always puts people at the centre.

IMA ZERO is composed of 4 programs: NoP (No-Plastic Program), LOW (Low Impact Program), E-MOB (Sustainable Mobility Program), and YOU (Human-Centric Program).

In particular, with the IMA NoP Program, the Group promotes eco-friendly plastic substitutes for the packages manufactured on its machines.

Through the IMA NoP Project, the machines are developed to be easily configured and equipped to properly run new generation sustainable and innovative materials such as paper-based, compostable, biodegradable or ultra-thin films and get same performance of “non-green” packaging.

Within the IMA NoP Program, IMA has established the OpenLab, a network of technological laboratories and testing area in four IMA plants in Europe and – from this year – also in the US.

In the labs, Material Specialists carry on researches on sustainable packaging materials, glues, inks, technologies, and production optimization processes.

Thanks to the fact that the labs are physically inside the production facilities, we can perform materials or glue machinability tests directly on the machines present on the shop floor.

This is just a part of our consultancy service, whose aim is to devise integrated processing and packaging lines to enhance the quality and efficiency of your production.

Make the Most in the choco & confectionery market – our special online platform

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