Universal Pack Ecocentric Technology New ultraclean and ultra flexible solutions to sustainably package single dose food and dairy products

Projects Universal Pack latest realizations for single dose ultraclean packaging concentrated mostly on products as yogurt, quark cheese, condensed milk and sauces. Customers requested both sachet and stick-pack machines based on their needs; complete lines for primary and secondary packaging have been put to work too, integrating Universal Pack end of lines for cartoning. In the last years a great part of research and development has been exclusively dedicated to ultraclean packaging, while other important resources address sustainable pack- aging and digitalization of services: Universal Pack solutions are in fact 4.0 ready and can use recyclable or compostable film. Universal Pack ultraclean solutions for stick-packs and 4 side seals sachets present the fol- lowing main features:
• Total film, dosing, sealing and cutting areas isolation to guarantee the best hygienic conditions
• Transfer, counting and stacking units are totally customizable with Universal Pack patented solutions
• Maximum flexibility in sachet and car- ton formats thanks to modular design of machine groups. Moreover, dosing units are easy to change or cleanable in place without being dismounted in order to minimize machine downtime during product change
• To minimize downtime, regulations and format change operations can be done quickly and without tools
• Thanks to a new Universal Pack patent it is possible to put sachets neatly
on multiple levels • Machines and lines are integrated and 4.0 ready. This feature allows re- mote production management, predictive maintenance, data storage for analysis.
• Hygienic Design, EHEDG guideline compliance and pokayoke philosophy, a milestone in Universal Pack solutions
• Complete washability in place through the isolation of sensitive components, the use of dedicated materials and CIP and SIP systems
• Thanks to the joint investments and the collaboration between Universal Pack lab, packaging producers, re- search institutes and customers lots of improvements have been made in the field of sustainable packaging and it is possible to use recyclable and compostable films on Universal
Pack machines. Universal Pack is an international reference in the field of packaging machinery. The company has over 50 years of experience in designing and building vertical machines and complete automatic lines for pack- aging single dose products for the food industry. It is present in over
150 countries and has installed more than 8000 systems. It offers cutting-edge solutions for any type of package: stick-packs, sachets sealed on all four sides, shaped packs and cartons. Currently, the main targets for innovation focus on packaging with recycled and/or recyclable materials, integration of machines in 4.0 environments, energy consumption optimization and environmental sustainability. MAIN FEATURES
• Advanced film and product sterilization
• Total flexibility in sachet and carton formats
• Toolless regulations and format change operations
• Patented system for multilevel car- toning
• 4.0 ready for remote management and data analysis
• Hygienic Design Compliance
• Complete washability and CIP and SIP systems
• Recyclable and compostable laminates available


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