Comexi, Enhancing Flexible Packaging Added Value

The new flexible packaging market demands innovative packaging with short delivery times, efficiency, and at the same time, sustainable and unique. Comexi is known for its commitment to environmental management and for its leading technologies. As a global supplier with wide experience in manufacturing equipment for the flexible packaging conversion industry, Comexi offers different product lines specialized in different conversion processes such as flexo printing, offset printing, and gravure printing, as well as, laminating, slitting,  rewinding and logistic complements.

As a  leading supplier,  Comexi knows exactly which are the flexible packaging industry demands: flexibility, faster delivery times, and personalized packaging. Also, Comexi is fully aware of brand owners’ needs to differentiate in such a competitive environment and how they are constantly looking for something that makes them stand out. Comexi’s printing and converting technologies are capable of bringing more added value to their products. 

The laminating and coating market is becoming extremely complex involving a wide range of different solutions. Comexi lamination answers these demands and fulfills the highest expectations thanks to the new machine portfolio and the very close relationship with its customers. Comexi’s laminating line has been exponentially growing since its foundation, thanks to the excellence of its laminating solutions and, of course, based on the trust the customers have put in the group.

Versatile laminating solutions Today’s market demands a  wide range of processes:   solvent, water, and  solventless  applications, cold and heat-seal, a vast number of varnishes   for   multiple applications, and more yet to come. Comexi answers all these needs thanks to the Comexi ML1 and Comexi ML2. With the unbeatable Comexi Futura, the most amazing and astonishing holographic effects are now available for the flexible packaging market  with  great  cost  effectiveness. A part from that, the solventless lamination growing ratio is exponential. For this  reason,  Comexi  offers  the  top  of the range laminating features to the sol- vent less sector with the renewed series Comexi SL3 and Comexi SL2.

Slitting facilitates differentiation Taking into account slitting technologies, Comexi provides the most sophisticated systems  for  slitting  and  rewinding  like Comexi S1 and Comexi S2 lines which offer the possibility to work with a double turret or a double shaft. Double turret machines  assure  higher  performance and minimize downtime. Also, Comexi’s slitting machines like Comexi S1 DT and Comexi S2 DT, are designed to meet the most  stringent  requirements  of  clients and final consumers. Actually, nowadays there is the need to carry out different applications   more   easily   without   in- creasing the number of processes. With this in mind, Comexi’s slitting solutions can  bring  significant  value  for  several reasons. First reason is to help in differentiation. 

A  clear example of that is Comexi Cingular Laser, an innovative solution that fits with current market needs. This integrated equipment will increase the usability, shelf life or it will boost the appearance of the product by a wide range of its laser processes: micro-perforation, macro perforation, scoring, easy opens, windows, or resalable labels. Another focus is on increasing productivity by automation. Inside the machine, different operations can be automated, such as positioning the knives or the cores. Regarding reels exit, Comexi can automate the whole process until the final pallet.

It includes a very wide range of possibilities that embraces the automation of unloading, transporting, labeling, weighting, or wrapping. At the same time, it will reduce downtimes, human errors, and injuries. Additional achievement is to improve the quality and traceability of the delivered jobs. Slitting is frequently the last process and that is the reason why it makes it strategic. So, it makes sense to inspect every single meter slit with video systems and to manage all the data obtained from all the modules connected in the slitting automated net.

Also, all that taking into account that factories need to control better and faster their production process, the group has developed Comexi Cloud, the next step in industry 4.0. An innovative software, which provides real data to optimize resources and helps to analyze trends in production and reduce downtimes.

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