OROGRAF: Personalized Sleeves And Self-Adhesive Labels

After over thirty years of constant endeavour, which have allowed the company to introduce new production, operational, management and organisational processes for its quality system, Orograf is a well-known name in the sticky label sector.

It has received ISO 9002 certification, maintaining the utmost versatility throughout all the processing stages, from label graphics to in- house system production, a competitive advantage for its customers, who see complete process management, from the design stage to production, as the best guarantee of the maximum quality.
Orograf is on an alI-round partner, with the expertise to meet your every requirement. Innovation and research have always been our priorities, allowing us to create products that offer more than traditional sticky label solutions.

• Labels in ultra-destructible materials.
• Labels on holographic film printed in various colours and with ink in relief.
• VOID labels: if removed these labels leave part of their colour on the product.
• Two- and three-dimensional security holograms.
• This is a label, which opens out, made up of two labels one super- imposed on the other and in which there is the possibility of printing 4/5 colours per page.

• Fabric labels.
• Sticky labels containing perfumed microcapsules, activated by rubbing.
• Rubberised sticky labels in foam of up to 2 mm thickness.

Definitive decorations for your articles in PVC, high-resolution writing and designs, and no-limits graphics
The typographical, silk-screen, off- set and hot printing systems used by Orograf allow it to print on any type of adhesive material such as striped, embossed, metallic and synthetic film.

The particular strength of the company is the capacity to combine different printing systems on a single production line (high-resolution typographical printing, offset, high definition flexo printing, silk-screen printing and hot printing with embossing) and this means that there be no limits to customers’ creativity.

A quality, label not only speaks volumes about the product but also con- tributes to improving the corporate image. Orograf has rotary machines print up to six colours contemporaneously, UV varnish any type of paper or synthetic film, and have extremely high output rates. This allows to offer an excellent price-quality ratio.
Shrink Sleeves

After an extended period of preparation, the recent addition of a new printing machine has allowed the company to start production of shrink sleeves. The sleeves (produced in PET, PVC or PLA) can be printed in more and even metallised colours, in order to effectively provide new look and design to all customers’ products. An important characteristic is an option of providing every sleeve with a “tear-off” system, essential or easy opening after purchase.


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