Travaglini SPA: Over Sixty Years For Meat Industry

Since 1950 we have been the market leader in smoking, fermenting and drying systems for meat industry.

Our business is to design and build the following equipment:
• Fermenting, smoking and aging of salami;
• Salting, curing, drying and aging of raw hams;
• Salting, drying, and smoking of fish products;
• Maturing, drying and conditioning for cheese products;
• Snack foods;
• Pet foods;
• Vegan foods;
• Clean rooms and air conditioning systems;
• Stoves for mortadella;
• Thawing systems for meats and other food products;
• Pasteurization lines, spiral freezers and freezing tunnels.

Thanks to the skills acquired over the course of over sixty years of hard work and listening to our customers’ requests and needs, we are capable to satisfy any production requirement, designing a single machine or entire plants, using the most advanced technological and informatics knowledge.
One of Travaglini S.p.A. strengths is continuous research and development, not only of solutions able to satisfy all the needs of our customers but also of increasingly innovative technologies. We pay particular attention and care to energy saving, trying to limit consumption as much as possible.

Over the years, we have developed an efficient customer service to support the customer from the installation to the post-sales phase and directly follow the assembly, the testing, and the maintenance of our plants all over the world. Moreover, thanks to our highly qualified technological service, we are ready to offer to our client’s new production technologies, always supporting them in solving all kinds of production problems.
The precision and care we put into the realization of our equipment, combined with the know-how gained from our long experience, ensure that they are made with an ever-increasing quality. Due to this reason, they are appreciated and known all over the world, and the satisfaction of our customers is our best reference.

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