Easy-to-produce and separate fillings

Storopack’s PAPERplus® Classic CX: blade-free technology for versatile and sturdy paper fillings Storopack introduces the new PAPERplus® Classic CX system for producing sturdy yet flexible paper fillings that perfectly conform to the shape of shipped goods, ensuring optimal protection even for heavier items. Thanks to perforated paper, the cushions easily detach from each other, and


•Mondi’s new paper machine at its Czech mill in Štětí is dedicated to producing 100% recyclable speciality kraft paper for shopping bags using a combination of fresh and recycled fibres to prioritize sustainability without compromising on strength •The €67 million investment responds to growing consumer preference and legislative change to reduce plastic waste and demonstrates


Edoardo Donati, Anico’s General Manager for more than twenty years, explains here below the process and stages of packaging production. What do your clients ask you for? “Sustainability and green”, every business deal starts from these words. Those who do not take care of this will never be our customers and will continue to pack

The trend for paper packaging

A normal trundle through the supermarket is enough to see that more and more packaging is made from paper, card and cardboard, either (ostensibly) wholly or in part. Where has this trend come from? How sustainable is paper packaging really? Amazon, the shipping giant, just stated that it would now be using paper-based insulated bags

EUROSAC presents a new guideline applicable to paper packaging intended for contact with food

Paris / Stockholm, 17 June 2020: As part of the production of paper bags for food, European producers find themselves having to manage numerous legal requirements relating to the protection and hygiene of stored food. To help manufacturers comply with all regulations and provide food companies with the information needed to achieve compliance with food