1. Introduction: about Smart Packaging Hub
  2. How the Smart Packaging Hub initiative was conceived
  3. Smart Packaging Hub in figures 
  4. The highlights of Smart Packaging Hub
  5. Smart Packaging Hub: a support for technological innovation and digitalization

1. Introduction – About Smart Packaging Hub 

Smart Packaging Hub is, essentially, a benchmark for all packaging players in the food and beverage industry. It is a meeting place where the end-users of automated packaging machines or lines can interact with manufacturers to find responses to their most complex questions, concerning manufacturing efficiency,configuration flexibility, product safety and quality, traceability, ROI calculation, eco-sustainability and energy saving.

The Hub is, actually, a virtual space, where discovering concrete solutions to face digitalization challenges and fully embrace an extreme technological innovation, without giving up flexibility and competitiveness currently imposed by the market.

Smart Packaging Hub is an overview of the “Smart Packaging” world: here converges the whole packaging chain for food & beverage – from primary to tertiary industry – which today is addressing the new horizons of Industry 4.0 and of Industrial Internet of Things, establishing that plants must consist of smarter and smarter machines, that is to say hyperconnected and fully responsive systems. 

Finally, the Hub is a virtual meeting corner, where talking about specific innovative food & beverage projects with skilled experts, and where joining an exclusive calendar of technological events.

Smart Packaging Hub – as affirm the companies that created it – might be compared to a new “search engine of the food & beverage packaging”.

2. How the Smart Packaging Hub initiative was conceived

The Smart Packaging Hub initiative stemmed from the idea of five companies that, after examining the current market situation and emerging difficulties, have drawn new boost and new business opportunities from that. The five companies of the Hub transformed the impossibility of meeting physically at sector exhibitions and the criticalities of travelling on the national and international territory into a new opportunity of meeting and interaction, joining up in the new virtual space of Smart Packaging Hub.Therefore, the idea of Smart Packaging Hub was devised to send a strong message of support and collaboration to market players and to put all available technological competences at the service of end-users in the food & beverage industry. 

“Since at present we cannot always meet physically, then we create a digital platform where to transfer our specific technological skills and to go on communicating with sector end-users. We support them concretely while they are facing the challenges issued by the market and we undertake with them new successful digitalization courses”, so state the six companies of Smart Packaging Hub.

3. Smart Packaging Hub in figures 

Currently, seven companies are present in the Hub: Baumer, Cama, Zacmi, Makro Labelling, Clevertech and Tosa. This digital meeting platform expresses a force, an excellence of automated and digital technologies for food packaging, not only by market volumes, export values and labour force employed, but also in terms of investments in research, development and training activities.


Smart Packaging Hub in figures

  • 400 million Euros of yearly turnover
  • 1.200 machines delivered per year
  • 2.000 collaborators
  • 90% yearly export 
  • 5,4% of yearly turnover invested in R&D activities
  • 2,1% of yearly turnover invested in training activities

4. The highlights of Smart Packaging Hub

In Smart Packaging Hub visitors can focus on ideas and solutions that exceed the logic of “a turnkey plant from a single supplier”. Here, on the contrary, they find innovative technologies made available by seven different companies that, in the Hub, share the force and the specific competences of their core business in some of the most important applicative niches of the food & beverage packaging chain. 

Who enters Smart Packaging Hub:

  • gains access to a single highly flexible technological innovation space, without however having to come to the compromise of the “single supplier” or of the “standard line”;
  • finds the best of six companies’ competences for the development of specific automated solutions, to satisfy all requirements in the food and beverage packaging chain, achieving the best in engineering flexibility and in machine configuration;
  • benefits from a platform where it is possible to interact with some of the best experts in the engineering and construction of automated machines, sharing their specific expertise and competences.

Smart Packaging Hub is the place par excellence where end-users can also benefit from that entire “Made in Italy” technological connotation. This connotation means first of all the utmost flexibility in the customization of automated packaging plants. In the Hub, actually, visitors discover how to adapt their machines at best to each future requirement, in terms of components on machine board, as well as machine programming, diagnostics and operations. 

End-users find in Smart Packaging Hub the highest empathy of six specialized companies that are able to read and understand their key business needs.

5. Smart Packaging Hub: a support for technological innovation and digitalization 

Triple is thus the support offered in the virtual platform of Smart Packaging Hub. The platform can concretely help end-users of the food & beverage industry, backing them in technological innovation initiatives, digitalization journeys, adoption of Industry 4.0 guidelines and in the global localization of their proposals.

Smart Packaging Hub put at disposal a fertile environment for technological innovation, also thanks to the yearly investments in R&D activities of the six companies in the hub: outstanding innovation is developed at highest level and it is adapted to the requirements of each manufacturer, for single task or line machining, with utmost time and cost optimization. 

In Smart Packaging Hub, you get in touch with an approach fully oriented to digitalization and Industry 4.0. In the packaging field as well, in fact, Industry 4.0 and digital trends are no longer negligible aspects for the users or the manufacturers of automated food&beverage packaging systems. In the Hub you can find the best support for the process virtualization, also through the use of virtual models (Digital twin) of machines.

You can find advanced robotics solutions, hyperconnectivity and hyper-sensor strategies of machines or entire lines, as utmost expression of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). Finally, you can discover how to apply eventual AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms or Analytics software to collect, to process and to manage at best the huge volume of data generated by machines, optimizing energy and manufacturing performances of processes or releasing new service typologies, and then new business models, on the market.

Finally, joining Smart Packaging Hub end-users find the best service offer for a global after sale service, delivered by skilful and multilanguage teams in each geographical area on earth. 

The platform will go live on 31th March – register here:

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