Rotoprint Sovrastampa S.r.l., born in 1978 in Lainate (Mi), with the packaging saved from waste and refurbished in the forty years of activity, has recovered over 1,000,000 km, it could go around the world almost 25 times.

This important result was achieved thanks to the system invented by Gian Carlo Arici to modify already printed, wrong or obsolete packaging, with overprinting with rotogravure machines.

Rotoprint specializes in graphically modifying pre-printed packaging, whether in formats (tetrarex, combibloc, elopak, boxes, cases, clusters, envelopes, bags) or in reels with single or multi-layer support (AL, CA, PA, PE, PP, PET, sleeves, tetrabrik, ecolean, adhesive labels, etc…).

Attentive to the environment, it has adopted the UNI EN ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System.

Numerous awards that the company has collected over the years at an international level for eco-sustainability, including the WorldStar Packaging Award 2015, the most important world award in the packaging sector awarded each year by the World Packaging Organization.

The recognition received by Enel and the Symbola Foundation, which included Rotoprint among the examples in the report “100 Italian circular economy stories”, was very important. Among the hundred leading Made in Italy companies, Rotoprint Sovrastampa stands out for having brought something unique to the market, a system (International Patent – patented in the United States) that allows companies to fully recover their non-usable packaging leftovers (a due to errors, defects, updates in the labels, etc: it happens more often than you think) until the last participation with excellent results at the Nuremberg Fachpack 2022 fair.

“Ours is a small business and each order is handled with artisan care and in a personalized way.

At the same time, we have given ourselves an industrial perspective, because we are able to manage large orders and oversee the DE, FR, BE, NL, SP markets, declares the CEO Giovanni Luca Arici.

While being able to count on a unique technology of its kind, Rotoprint does not stop innovating. For example, there is also flexo overprinting, a system that makes even the orders of small quantities of overprinted material convenient, which thanks to the automatic changeover and the latest generation technology is able to significantly reduce processing waste and guarantee quality with a “100% control system”.

And then, as always, there is the aspect of respect for the environment: “A project for the use of water-based colors in overprinting is in progress, a further guarantee of eco-sustainability – concludes the CEO of Rotoprint -. It took a lot of study and research, because using these colors in overprinting is a demanding technical challenge. But we believe it is important to take the path of innovation and environmental sustainability to bring our customers further added value “.

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