Reality Active In Project And Production Of Bottling Plant Machinery

In the beverage industry, the automatic washing of recycled bottles has now reached a high level of specialization. In this context, works AKOMAG, company located in Soragna (PR), able to offer a varied production, which includes bottle washing machine, rinsing machine, sterilizers for glass or PET bottles, crate washer and accessories to complement. Very large is the choice of the washer, the potential of which obviously varies in base at the model, and the ranges it is from 100 to 60.000 bph.

The modular structure of all installations allows to gradually increase the functions and the level of sophistication, including special washing sections and sanitizing, automatic control of process parameters, security systems, energy recovery, reduction of discharges and automatic sanitization of the parties most important from the point of view of hygiene. Start the washing At low production capacity, the range offer GENESI, available in very small dimensions in order to be inserted in any operating environment. Designed under the indication of the producers with low production capacities, the series has a simple but functional washing cycle, which lowers operating costs (water, energy, detergent) without negatively affecting cleaning bottles to recycle, the complete removal of the labels and their total evacuation outside. The particular ease of use and maintenance, increases productivity and reduces downtime.

The modularity of the GENESI series allows at the customer to “build a machine to measure” , adapting it from time to time to different types of use (water, wine, oil, beer, soft drinks).
Constructed in accordance with the Machinery Directive (CE), is equipped with all the accessories needed for the proper functioning: a heat exchanger built with stainless steel tubes arranged geometrically to prevent the deposit of mud or various precipitation that would compromise the performance or, alternatively, a combustion chamber built with direct burner operation.

Safety guards and dust cover to protect the unloading of bottles; grouped grease; saving valve for the water network and automatic control of the presence of water in the last rinsing station; electronic speed control; electronic security on the main gearbox that stop the machine in case of overload; spray pumps with casing and impeller made in stainless steel AISI 316 and protective filters; valves for emptying the waste paper and spray
tanks; control panel adjustable, made in stainless steel; IP55 electrical plant; gauges and thermometers in visual range of the operator; setting and control of all the machine by “touch-screen”. This are the main amenities that characterize the series. The GENESI machine is also arranged for the introduction of detergent and liquid additives in the bath and in the detergent tank, disinfectants and other products in the spraying tanks. Internal spraying (made with self-cleaning rotating nozzles) and external high pressure spraying are easily removable for routine cleaning and maintenance. The loading and unloading of bottles is completely automatic, and perfectly synchronized with the movement of the main chain.
Dry cycle

To streamline the washing cycle , the company has realized the HYDRA series, a series of fully automatic machines which comprise a first station for emptying the bottles followed by pre-washing spraying and first pre-macertion bath. This configuration helps to reduce the pollution of the detergent bath and reduce fuel consumption. The triple station for labels extracting ensures their complete detachment from used bottles, while the rotating filter displaced over the entire width of the machine ensures the evacuation outside.
The bottle washing is complete with indoor and outdoor spraying, which occurs with high-pressure cleaner distributed with rotating nozzles self-cleaning and self-centering. To complete rinsing, however, ensure the phase abatement alkalinity followed by spraying with external and internal water network.

Built according to the Machinery Directive (CE) also, the series has a different predispositions that increase safety, including: sensors for slowing down and eventually stopping the machine in case of failure or obstruction of bottles on conveyor; detergent introduction and liquid additives in the bath and other products in spray tanks; the automatic loading and unloading of the bottles is perfectly synchronized with the movement of the main chain; the economizer valve for the water network and the automatic control of the presence of water on the last rinsing station.
Other amenities are important, as: automatic resetting of the chutes for loading and unloading bottles from the control panel; grouped grease; electronic variable speed with remote control (inverter); setting and control of all the machine by “touch-screen”; selfcentering and self-cleaning rotating spray at high pressure; external spraying easily removable for cleaning and maintenance; valves for emptying baths and spraying tanks; control panel made in stainless steel; IP55 electrical plant; gauges and thermometers in visual range of the operator. At the bottles unloading are arranged safety guards and dust protection. The electronic safety on every gearbox allows at the machine to stop in case of overload. The heat exchanger and pumps are always made in stainless steel. Very high productivity and automation in the wash meet in the HP model in the same series. Despite the sophistication, just an operator to remotely manage the entire wash cycle, verifying operation via control systems. The tubes of external washing are constructed so as to reduce maintenance to a minimum. But in case it will be necessary, the dismantling and cleaning are
very simple. The regulation of the temperature in the tanks is automated through a modulating proportional pneumatic system, which offers a guarantee of accuracy and safety of operation.

The main motor, oversized, ensures a long lasting efficiency by minimizing the mechanical wear. The electronic variable frequency allows to manage the main engines installed in HYDRA HP series via remote control. The automatic press for the collection of labels evacuated from the detergent bath is full of a recovery system of the detergent solution that accumulates in the pressing phase.

AKOMAG has dedicated several years to the creation of bottle washing machines and the high quality standard achieved by all its production, advanced technology and timely aftersales service, has allowed at this company to come in several primary and manufacturing with the certainty of having created a safe machinery and Quality for Various needs.
This undertaking was given by all its facilities, from design to engineering, from the search for the most innovative materials to the constant testing of the products in the works.

With this AKOMAG mission, every day thought to be better and invest in quality, with the knowledge to do a good job.

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