Advanced Technologies SPA: Software Solutions For Computer Vision Tasks

Advanced Technologies SpA was founded in 1998 as distributor of technologies for computer vision. Since the beginning the company focus has been to select suppliers able to offer innovative and reliable solutions for computer vision industry.
Today, after 20 successful years of activity in the Italian market, Advanced Technologies is not just a component distributor but a solution provider. In fact, during the years the company gained a solid knowledge of markets and customers, which makes possible to offer every time the most suitable solution for the application.
One of the characteristics that differentiate Advanced Technologies is the internal R&D department composed by people of extraordinary experience which supports customers and develops software solutions for computer vision tasks. Our technical team is constantly at customers’ disposal for performing feasibility studies, pre sales analysis and post sales support.
Machine vision is a key technology in industrial automation that enables in-line products inspection and guidance of robotics systems. In the food and beverage industry quality and traceability of products is driving the need to integrate vision system in manufacturing and packaging lines in order to ensure 100% inspection of products. When a beverage products is ready to be sold it must comply with many requirements and specification, not respecting those requirements can lead to serious damages for companies in terms of reputation and in terms of legal issues.
In addition to this, inspecting products in all the production stages makes possible to further process only the good items discarding the bad one as soon as the defects arises, saving costs from processing a product that will be rejected later.
Machine vision technologies can be used to inspect containers, final products and packaging. Some of the specific tasks that can be performed by a vision system are bottles inspection tasks in order to detect defects such as deformations or holes before the filling stage, check the filling level, inspection for detecting the presence of foreign objects, cap presence or absence, sealing inspection, label inspection, code reading.
Advanced Technologies, as a distributor for the Italian market, can provide support in choosing the best technologies for such applications thanks to a broad product portfolio of industrial cameras, lenses, lights, computers and imaging libraries. Basler ace cameras, distributed by Advanced technologies, are extraordinarily well-suited to the various applications found in the food industry thanks to their high dynamic range, high frame rates, excellent price/performance ratio, small form factor that allows for installation even in tight spaces and the possibility of having a single-cable solution via GigE with PoE, Camera Link with PoCL, USB 3.0 cuts costs and allows for simple cabling.
Advanced Technologies also distributes SVS Vistek cameras, SVS Vistek is specialized in high resolution camera that can detect also the smallest defect, the 10GigE and GigE cameras of the HR series ensures a reliable, costeffective transmission of the image data over a distance of more than 100 m with standard network technology. The clean design according to well established standards like GigE Vision, 10 GigE Vision and GenICam ensure rapid integration into the final application.
In the food industry, cleanliness is paramount and frequent cleaning is the standard procedure SVS vistek offers camera with Industrial protection class up to IP67 (blackline). Cameras complying with defined standards of protection are resistant to dust, detergents and water jets.
Regarding imaging software Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) is a comprehensive collection of software tools for developing machine vision and image analysis applications. MIL includes tools for every step in the process, from application feasibility to prototyping, through to development and ultimately deployment. OCR tools are among the most interesting MIL tools for bottling plant and beverage industry.
A key aspect of food and beverage production involves the mandatory marking and verification of manufacturing and expiration dates and lot
codes on the product packages. These codes are integral to identifying exactly where and when the product originated, and demand costeffective systems that can report clear and reliable results to prevent packaging errors. Matrox String Reader module offers tremendous flexibility in terms of the code it can read.
Matrox SureDotOCR™ is another Matrox software tool specifically designed for the unique challenge of reading dot-matrix text. Its use is straightforward, requiring the user to specify dot size, number of characters in a potential text string, and dimensions— but not the location—of the text region.
SureDotOCR includes a set of pre-defined fonts but also accepts custom
fonts for more precise matching. Capable of reading multiple lines of text, SureDotOCR can even read each line of text in different fonts. OCR tools are also availbale in Matrox Design Assistant, an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows developers to design a graphical web-based operator interface for the application.

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