Packaging in the year 2080

The thematic part of the 68th NVC General Meeting of Members will focus on the future. NVC (founded in 1953) is the association of companies worldwide addressing the activity of packaging throughout the supply chain of packaged products.

The NVC membership, innovation projects, information services and education programme stimulate the continuous improvement of packaging. Together we will be looking sixty years ahead, to the year 2080.

The reason for choosing this theme is packaging innovation contest De Gouden Noot, which was first organized over sixty years ago and whose 31st edition is now in full swing. The contest owes its name to the unique winner’s trophy containing a solid gold walnut, symbol of sustainable, effective and innovative packaging.

Winning brings significant worldwide fame, both ‘online’ and ‘physical’ through leading packaging exhibitions and events, including Interpack 2023. Participation in De Gouden Noot also gives the company and its employees recognition for all their innovation efforts. By looking back sixty years in the packaging innovations, one automatically begins to wonder how the packaging world would change in the coming sixty years.

Five working groups are working on the main five packaging themes of the year 2080:

• Sustainable ageing

• Automation and intelligent design

• Sharing reliable business information

• Environment and packaging materials

• Sustainable employability

Each working group will develop its own theme in an internal session in the first half of the programme, with working group members participating throughout the world. Subsequently we will analyze their results and insights in a plenary interactive session together.


Both the plenary session and the working group meetings will be done in the NVC Live Hybrid method. Participants can thereby participate either physically or online simultaneously in the same ‘space’ and in real time, from any location in the world.

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