Non-stop technical evolution that benefits our users

Our users renew their trust in us daily as we continue on our path of research and development, also, but not only, in order to satisfy their increasingly specific demands and rise to challenges in which the bar is constantly being raised.

Our systems, always tailor made, can now rely not only on thirty years of proven technology, but also on innovative solutions that we’ve identified as essential to taking action on increasingly relevant issues such as the sustainability, ecology, and versatility of the machinable formats produced by every single one of them.

Some major global companies have encouraged us to reflect upon the possibility of developing an ultrasonic welding system for our flow pack and pillow pack packaging machines.

Today we can confirm, after much study and application, that the performance which can be achieved is incredibly attractive from various points of view, including speed, regularity, airtightness of the weld, variety of machinable films (including ecological ones), and consequent versatility, none of which can be obtained through classic thermal welding systems.

Ultrasonic technology paired with our well-established long-welding systems (box motion, long dwell) also allow us to offer our users automatic and less physically cumbersome solutions due to a reduced need for accumulation areas, resulting in smaller, yet equally high performance, systems.

When it comes to secondary packaging, we’ve also been busy developing wrap around technology, an area in which we have many active references with prominent national and international clients.

Our wrap around packaging machines offer the pinnacle of performance in terms of versatility, longevity, and total automation, making them essential to projects in which a box contains multiple and delicate primary packages which are difficult to overlap.

This is all made possible thanks to our clients, who continuously present us with more difficult and ambitious projects which they then promote with renewed confidence. This relationship is the primary engine of our ongoing technological evolution, allowing us to position ourselves not only as a mere supplier of machinery, but also as a serious, reliable, and competent partner to whom a company can entrust the packaging of its products.


Which enriches its range of solutions for industrial packaging with a new acquisition Tecno Pack Group is glad to announce the acquisition of Euroimpianti SpA – Skilled Group, a company based in Schio (VI).

The company is specialized since 50 years in the design and manufacture of palletizing systems and pallet handling, as well as the Automatic Guidance Vehicles and (AGV) and Laser Guidance Vehicles (LGV).

Such a strategic acquisition enforces the position of Tecno Pack Group as a manufacturer of packaging machines and most of all turnkey packaging solutions in the food (and non-food as well) sector, starting from naked product management up to truck load.

The whole Group can know count on the skills and professionality of roughly 400 people, ready to answer all market needs.

The acquisition of Euroimpianti SpA allows important industrial synergies, and boosters the international networking capacity of the whole Group, also thanks to the presence of Skilled Group North America Inc.

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