Navatta Group, Fruit And Vegetable Processing Lines

The company Navatta, founded by Mr. Giuseppe Navatta in 1983, produces and installs fruit and vegetable processing lines and boasts references across the globe. Navatta Group is center of excellence for the production and installation of processing machines and turn keys with capacity ranging from 3 to 120 t/h of incoming fresh product.

manufactures and commissions Processing Lines, Systems, Equipment for Fruit, Tomato, Vegetables for:

• peeled / diced / crushed tomatoes, tomato sauces and purees, tomato paste, all filled into any kind of package or in aseptic;

• diced, puree, juices (single strength or concentrated) from Mediterranean / tropical fruit, all filled into any kind of package or in aseptic;

• Fruit crushing lines from IQF, frozen blocks and frozen drums

• High yield PATENTED fruit puree cold extraction, fruit purees / juices equalized in aseptic.

• Wide range of evaporators to produce tomato paste, Mediterranean and tropical fruit concentrates, multi- function evaporator, falling film and forced circulation

• Evaporators for coffee and milk: evaporation before spray driers, freeze dryers or other dryers

• Evaporators for cogeneration industry (waste treatment)

• Aseptic sterilizers

• Aseptic fillers for spout bags/ spout-less bags from 3 to 20 liters, Bag-in-Drum 220 liters, Bin-in-Box / IBCs 1.000 – 1.500 liters;

• Spiral pasteurizer and cooler

• Formulated products productions (jam, ketchup, sauces, drinks) starting from components unloading to dosing, mixing, mechanical / thermal
stabilizing, to filling into any kind of package or into aseptic mini-tanks;

• Processing pilot plants;

• Vegetable processing as receiving, rehydration, cooking, grilling and
freezing Navatta Group’s headquarter and the two production units are located in Pilastro di Langhirano, Parma, with a total production area of 10,000 square meters.

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