OMS Group End-Of-Line Packaging

OMS Group is a world leader for end-of-line packaging of palletized products for all market sectors. In addition to the Italian headquarter the Group consists in 12 subsidiaries based in Italy, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania.

Established in 1949, OMS has a long-established tradition of designing and manufacturing strapping, wrapping and hooding systems. Reliability, experience and flexibility are three important characteristics that enable OMS to respond to today’s market demands, from the simplest strapping machine up to the most sophisticated packaging plant as well as complete packaging lines for the food processing market. From strap- ping to stretch wrapping and shrink hooding.

All this was made possible thanks to the OMS’ many years’ experience in this market, along with a vast number of tailor-made solutions specifically studied for our customers. The important results achieved by the company have to be credited to the now third generation of businessmen who have continued to be involved closely with the market, with the vision of a future characterized by innovation and continuous improvement.

OMS has developed the following machine model specifically for the food sector: the 06GS horizontal strapping machine equipped with the patented TR1400HD head and corner application device. This model is one of OMS’s world best-selling family of products and machinery. With the model 06GS automatic horizontal strapping machine is possible to automatically pack palletized products of any production sector, which need to be kept together during transport or handling or for their safe warehousing or storage.

The structure of the 06GS model is not very bulky and can be easily in one piece. It is equipped with a small sized arch that allows to strap products at only 130mm from the ground (or from a possible conveyor below the machine).

It can either be installed on completely automatic lines where it exchanges signals with other devices installed upstream and downstream or it can work separately. The machine can be equipped with the TR1400 strapping head. Optionally it can be equipped with an edge board corner device.
Automatic ring pallet wrapping machine type AVR900: it can be equipped with top sheet dispenser and advertising band applicator (options)
The « ring » technology, allows to execute the wrapping cycle without moving the pallet and, consequently, without endangering the quality and the stability of the pallet load while guaranteeing a high production yield also thanks to the exclusive and patented prestretch unit activated by the motion of the ring.

Possibility to start and stop the wrapping cycle at any height of the pallet load, allowing specific wrapping programs, such as top wrapping and single wrapping.
This inventive and unique device guarantees pre-stretch ratio up to 300% without any use of on additional motor or any electrical con- tact through slip-rings.

The results are largely increased reliability and reduced maintenance as well as stable loads with minimal film consumption. Exclusive and patented “tuck under” system. At the end of the cycle, the final film tail is safely inserted under the previous wrap. As results, no loose film ends, guaranteeing perfect fishing as well as no pallet alignment needed as the system detects and moves towards the pallet. Reliable film end fixing without heat seal.

Simplicity and flexibility. Thanks to the particular telescopic structure, the machine is easily adjustable in height lo suit the maxi- mum pallet height of the palletized loads to be wrapped.

With constant attention to new technologies and market demands, all OMS models are designed to interface with the customer’s network in accordance with the “Industry 4.0” protocols. Operation and production data acquisition devices, according to the horizontal, vertical integration & Cloud criteria, provide all the necessary data to verify and to monitor the entire system as well as to collect production data.

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