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The Fedrizzi family has been on the labelling scene since 1985. The company was born from the initiative of Fabio Fedrizzi and his wife Erna Hoerwarter, who pay particular attention to the quality of printed products rather than the quantity. We are describing a ‘work-of-art approach’ by a craftsman, rather than an industrial process.

Today the helm of the company is still in the hands of the Fedrizzi family, after the children Cristina and Luca, together with their spouses Vittorio Bighetti and Elisa Girardi, acquired the family business from their father.

The strong values and family-led business model are precisely what have determined the uniqueness of the FE Group which, to date, boasts 36 years of experience.

Digital pioneers

FE Group has always believed in innovation and works with a unique approach to technology: being at the forefront to develop and make a printing technique their own. Digital printing is an example of this, an area in which the group has created a great reputation for themselves, being the first to install a digital printing machine for industrial production back in 2004.

The company always looks forward to the future and believes in the power of ideas: it is the only label maker that is completely digital.

What’s new?

Fine printed labels have always been one of the company’s core activities, naturally deriving from the orientation towards quality. Precisely for this reason, the best technicians of the group have embarked on the road of engineering developments with Cartes in 2019.

The company, in the first half of the year, installed a machine created specifically for hybrid embellishment with very high precision and definition, something never seen before. The first finishing with digital screen printing.

What to fine print?

The answer tends to be: everything. Beyond this simple answer, the technological upgrades of embellishment find absolute consensus in the worlds of wine and cosmetics, where we know that labels are the best spotlight for a product and fine printing plays a major role.

The artisanal breweries have also understood this and, as a target, they speak to an audience that is more and more oriented towards the refinement and uniqueness of their products. It goes without saying that there is a happy marriage between embellishments and the brewers!

In addition to wine and beer, this blends perfectly with the cosmetics sector too, giving life to true expressions of elegance and refinement. The gastronomic world also emerges, where more and more products aspire to refined labels, with olive and olive oil producers always at the forefront.


The expansion of machinery improves many aspects including speed and, at the same time, precision. In addition, energy efficiency is improved, contributing to the protection of our planet and its environment, as well as optimizing waste management.

Digital printing allows, of course, operations with minimal waste. Together with technological improvements, the materials, from paint to paper, are chosen carefully, too. They are oriented to have a low environmental impact and branded as eco-sustainable. For example: have you ever tried hemp or corn paper for your labels?

Find exactly what you are looking for!

Whatever the needs of our customers, the technical department will develop the best solution in terms of choice of materials, defining the most suitable ones based on the application and conditions of use: no need of our partners is ever neglected!

Personalise, personalise, personalise.

Today’s trend is unique packaging. Yes, but unique for each customer, not just for the manufacturer. This increasing demand in the label market has led the FE Group to focus heavily on variable data.

Today, it is able to create an unlimited number of labels without ever printing one identical to another. No matter what the variable is: a code, a number, or above all a colour or the graphic design itself!

More space for information

Multi-page labels are a solution where the need to integrate information on the label is of utmost importance but the design or packaging itself impose space limitations. Whether they are small or medium-sized runs, instructions, information and even additional communications can be integrated.

Authenticity of the product

The phenomenon of product counterfeits is on the rise and brands find prevention precisely in the digital printing of labels. The solution is in traceability, variable data and invisible ink.

Furthermore, the experience of the FE Group on anti-counterfeiting guides its partners in the harmonious integration of these elements in the product design!

FE Group provides its customers with many years of experience in every field of label printing.

It has staff capable of supporting companies from various sectors in order to find tailor-made solutions to dress the products in the best possible way for every occasion.


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