Enimac isn’t just another special-purpose machine design company

Enimac founded in 2013 and located in Italy just, outside of Milan, designs, manufactures and sells standard tape application machines, custom tape application solutions, and tape applicators for integration into production lines or other machines that require an added tape application process.

The company helps customers accurately apply tape where needed, increase productivity, save external costs, and free internal personnel from taping for more value-added activities.

It has clients in over 30 countries from the Americas to Europe and Asia and has distributors in several countries and also sells direct.

Its standard products apply tape to many products – envelopes, posters, pocket folders, FSDUs, wobblers, frames, cardboard sheets, PVC strips, aluminum sheets, etc.

Enimac currently has three standard machine models for small, medium and large formats.

Key characteristics of their applicators include:

• All applicators are individually programmable.

• Fully electronic with no need for compressed air.

• Easily read and apply tape to white, colored, black, transparent and die-cut substrates of many materials including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, etc.

• Apply many different types of tape with the same applicator

• Can apply more than one strip of tape with the same applicator

In addition to the standard products Enimac has also delivered solutions with 2- & 3-axis cartesian systems, pick & place technology, and is developing a Cobot solution.

The company serves many industries including packaging, automotive, medical, and appliances among others. Being part of a tape converting group Enimac advises clients on tapes that are right for their application and its machines and also develops solutions that are perfectly adapted to a particular tape and/or substrate.

Enimac is not just another special purpose machine design company. It has tape in its DNA.

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