ALTECH Performance Wraparound Labelling System

ALline C is a high performance wraparound labelling system for cylindrical products such as jars, bottles & cans.

The ALline series has been developed with the latest ALTECH design criteria, based on years of experience having thousands of machines installed around the world. The result is a series of labellers designed in strict compliance with CE safety regulations, suitable for the heaviest work-loads.

The systems provide extremely accurate label placement at high production speeds and feature a superior level of operator friendliness. Change overs are simple, tool-less and intuitive.

The ALline C labelling machine is ideal for applying wraparound labels to cylindrical packages, typically food, chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, in plastic, glass or metal bottles, jars.

The solid and compact base can accommodate ALstep or ALritma series label applicators in an easy-access protective cabinet.

ALline C can use various types of conveyors for product transport, both slatted (in plastic or in steel) or belt types, of various sizes. Various different devices are available for product spacing, depending on the required product type and performance.

Possible labelling solutions

Combining different items from the catalogue allows us to create specific configurations for:

  • Partial or complete wraparound labelling
  • In-phase labelling
  • Application of tamper-proof seal labels
  • Labelling with slight taper
  • Very high-speed labelling, including non-stop version

ALline C is an extremely robust and modular high-performance wraparound labelling machine, designed for in-line use (or standalone operation, usually with rotary infeed and outfeed tables) with virtually any cylindrical round product.

From 3 to 6 May 2022 ALTECH will be present  at the IPACK IMA fair in Milan-Rho (hall 4 booth C45 D26) where will exhibit  a collection of innovative labeling machines, which are able to provide a full solution to any self-adhesive labeling requirement.

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