EPIC message to the World Packaging Organization WPO

WPO and EPIC are built on freedom of expression in packaging science, education, information exchange and cooperation. The basis of our shared values is mutual respect, open-mindedness and friendship.

EPIC, the organization of the European packaging institutes and member of WPO, kindly requests to bring the following Resolutions into vote for all WPO members at the first upcoming WPO Board Meeting possible and certainly at the meeting scheduled for Thursday 5 May 2022 in Milano, Italy.

RESOLUTION 1. WPO disapproves of and speaks out against the military actions of Russia in Ukraine. Those WPO members who disagree are expected to voluntarily terminate their WPO membership. Those members who risk their security, freedom or even their life in openly expressing their opinion but agree with this Resolution, are heartily invited to contact the WPO secretariat for a procedure guaranteeing their anonymity.

RESOLUTION 2. WPO will act immediately to identify and implement a binding Code of Conduct in line with generally used requirements on Transparency and Business Behaviour. This Code of Conduct will be brought forward to the first WPO Board Meeting after the one in Milano on 5 May 2022 for approval by the WPO members.

RESOLUTION 3. WPO discontinues immediately (i.e. commencing 5 May 2022) and until further notice all activities with (former) WPO members that do not comply with Resolution 1. This specifically addresses the organization of the World Star Packaging Competition, the World Start Student Competition, the development and execution of educational and training programmes, and the participation of WPO Board Members qualitate qua in conferences and exhibitions.

Information about EPIC

EPIC (European Packaging Institutes Consortium) was founded in 2002 and is the organization where European packaging institutes come together on behalf of their members and the packaging business community as a whole, to identify areas where regional or pan-European cooperation in packaging might best be fostered.

EPIC members meet regularly, based on an open and free exchange of insights, an open eye for mutual sustainable development and friendship.

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