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TECNO PACK horizontal flow pack packaging machines.

Tecno Pack guarantees quality, safety and reliability, thanks to the careful design and use of high-tech solutions.

Tecno Pack is a reference for all clients looking for a custom built solution and for a reliable partner.

TECNO PACK is the leading company in the sector of packaging machines that use shrinkable and stabilized plastic films. Our products are guaranteed for quality, safety, and reliability, thanks to careful design and the use of high-tech solutions.

TECNO PACK offers the most suitable answer to any packaging problem, pricing weight, and labeling.

Horizontal flow pack packaging machines, vertical pillow packs and complete systems created and designed by Tecno Pack for use in harsh environments; those typically related to dairy, meat, sausage, frozen and fourth or fifth range products.

The cantilevered structures, the insulated and air-conditioned electrical systems, the integral construction in stainless steel, the solutions designed for maximum sanitization make this special series of machinery and systems irreplaceable and long-lasting tools for achieving the success of the companies in these sectors of the ‘food industry that require particular and further attention in addition to what we normally devote to each of our technological achievements.

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In the world of food, packaging is one of the most delicate and essential steps in the production process for a number of reasons (food preservation and shelf life, visual appearance of the finished product, etc.).A food company – whatever its sector: bakery, fruit and vegetables,pasta, meat or anything else: needs to rely on a

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High technology, expertise and a wide array of services in the flow pack packaging and pillow pack packaging as well as in the primary and secondary packaging. Market leader with specific solutions, suitable for any application sector, with a particular focus on the food industry.Here you can find all the packaging technology that your company

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