Our production ranges from small entry-level machines to large-scale lines, always with the same high standard of quality.

IFP produces a rotary table for the collection of products coming out of machines or shrink tunnels.

Twin shrinkwrappers are designed to be integrated into production lines.

We’re a dynamic team of professionals with great enthusiasm for our work. Each member of our team integrates more than twenty years of personal experience with that of his colleagues.

Our new headquarters are a testament to constant growth achieved through the satisfaction we give our customers. We can confidently affirm that we are a point of reference in our sector and are delighted to share with you, through these pages, what we are currently capable of producing.

We are not afraid of the most difficult challenges. The extensive knowledge we have acquired over time in process and end-of-line packaging allows us to offer solutions that cover a very wide range of products of every type.

Our production ranges from small entry-level machines to large-scale lines, always with the same high standard of quality. 

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Packaging around the globe edited

In the world of food, packaging is one of the most delicate and essential steps in the production process for a number of reasons (food preservation and shelf life, visual appearance of the finished product, etc.). A food company – whatever its sector: bakery, fruit and vegetables, pasta, meat or anything else needs to rely on a packaging

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