Tosa Group, known worldwide as a leading manufacturing company in the end of line sector, is able to meet every need of stabilization and safety of loads, whether palletized or not, with a complete range of wrapping machines, strapping machines, shrinking machines.

Tosa Group recently worked on a brand new software based on a cloud computing source for data monitoring: T-HYPOTHALAMUS. T-HYPOTHALAMUS was conceived from a partnership between skilled Tosa technical personnel and a local company specialized in the field of information technology. Its main goal is to provide Tosa Group’s customers with a product able to support the continuous demand for data analysis. 

As a matter of fact, T-HYPOTHALAMUS combines innovation and connection, allowing the user to access, analyze and manage data and other sorts of events extrapolated by machines manufactured and supplied by Tosa Group, from a mobile device as well as a PC. Its aim is to supply an update system for data monitoring that keeps in mind that the data gathering operation will be useless without a vision and a structured analysis. Moreover, the system was designed in such a way that the complete privacy of the information is guaranteed.

The use of the platform allows access in real time to several indicators, collected with a precise vision and analysis path. First of all, a global view of production data and machine performance is visible, with production speed, product and pallet dimensions, wrapping cycle timings included. Secondly, the calculation of the key performance indicators used in non-manufacturing utility industries, that is OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and MTTF (Mean Time To Failure), is tracked. Thirdly, we have all data related to machine conditions (functioning time, downtime, alarms, waiting time between two cycles, overall cycle counters, consumable breakages and replacements), together with the preventive maintenance timeline and preventive maintenance notifications. At last, T-HYPO

THALAMUS offers a comprehensive view of carbon footprint data, including stretch film, power and compressed air consumptions. 

The features of Tosa Group brand new software allow users not only to manage and optimize machine performance together with increasing cost savings by monitoring machine consumption, but also to better understand production flow and the most frequent faults. Thanks to all these indicators, clients can make a plan of preventive maintenance using a simple but significant tool: the system can automatically notify the operation to be performed via email to a pre-set list. 

T-HYPOTHALAMUS really renews the way users look at their machine performance. One of its most appreciated functions is indeed the advanced troubleshooting: the software is able to show a graphic interface that scores the faults occurring during the overall machine lifetime. This is certainly a big benefit with respect to a simple PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), considering that it can store the information only for a limited period of time. Besides, the opportunity to match the activity the machine is carrying out when the fault is occurring, allows an advanced analysis to investigate the faults, thus leading to performance improvement. 

Furthermore, another great and innovative function is preventive maintenance self-calculation. T-HYPOTHALAMUS revolutions maintenance concept by helping you on several fronts. In fact, thanks to its structure, the system can predict preventive maintenance events based on the actual use of the machine and it notifies the operations needed to be performed to the maintenance chief. 

In conclusion, T-HYPOTHALAMUS is the innovative way to see instead of simply looking at your data. This all-new cloud-based software, with real time access to production and performance data, KPI, carbon footprint data, operations conditions and maintenance status, allows Tosa group and end users to link their know-how in order to optimize machine performance to the top level. 

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