The foreseeable market evolution for HDPE CONTAINERS

A new generation of machines is needed that can use very high percentages of PCR The market for HDPE liquid containers was born in the 50’s, it has grown continuously, and it became a “high commodity” product with a low contribution margin: it is used on a large scale in all Countries of the World

ALPHAMAC aims to reduce electricity consumption

AlphaMAC has developed its range of blow-molding machines starting from the knowledge acquired from the previous experiences of two generations of electric machines and presents itself on the market with a very advanced technology regarding consumption. One of the most current and important aspects with the evolution of technologies in the field of extrusion and


AlphaMAC develops technologies for the circular economy, bringing a concrete contribution to increase the use of recycled materialsand to optimize the overall efficiency of its machines, giving users the possibility to produce with zero defects and in a sustainable way.Plastic is and it will continue to be the most practical and cost-effective packaging for liquid