Striking And Smart Food Packs

SMI designs and manufactures bottling and packaging machines with an innovative design, equipped with IoT technology, in order to provide smart solutions able to meet the requirements of competitiveness, production efficiency, operational flexibility, energy-saving and simple management and control of the production plant.

In some industries, such as food, packaging plays a key role since it acts as a communication tool: packs sold to large retailers have to be captivating, practical and resistant to draw the consumer’s attention and influence the purchase decisions.

The importance of investing in R&D Investments in advanced technologies and innovation are the main driver of SMI success and launch on the market of an even more diversified and innovative range of plants and machines with a very high technological content.
In order to automate and streamline the secondary packaging process of end-of-the-line, SMI offers several solutions suitable for every packaging
need: from packs in shrink film, to cardboard cases, multipack in overlapping cardboard sleeves etc.

Within secondary packaging, one of the latest developments has led to the launch of the new compact shrink wrapper from the CSK series, that includes models in single and double lane.
The German company Rabe Spreewälder Konserven, leader in the production of food preserves invested in the new CSK 50 T ERGON model
to create packs in tray + film, pad + film, film-only or tray-only at a maximum speed of 50 packs/minute, in order to increase the efficiency of its production plants and meet the requirements of even more demanding

Advanced automation, flexibility and energy saving
The shrink wrappers from the CSK series stand out for:

– motorized system of oscillating guides that enables to correctly channel loose containers onto a conveyor belt equipped with chains made from thermoplastic with low friction coefficient;
– formation of loose containers into the desired format in continuous
motion by means of electronically synchronized dividing pins and
– the cardboard magazine is situated below the infeed conveyor, from
where the cardboard is picked by an alternate motion cardboard blank-picker situated at the bottom of the cardboard climb, made up of a set of suckers that work via an empty suction system;
– the cardboard climb has a curvilinear shape at the beginning and the
end to facilitate the tray insertion under the group of products at the outfeed of the electronic separator;
– the film cutting unit has a compact design where the blade is controlled by “direct-drive” brushless motor that makes the cutting operations more precise and the maintenance easier;
– new ICOS motors, equipped with integrated digital servo-driver, simplify the machine cabling and ensure greater energy efficiency, less
noise and reduced component wear.

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