Sitma At Logimat And Sitl With A Complete Portfolio Of Logistics Solutions

Sitma Machinery, an Italian company specialized in the design and marketing of machines and complete lines for the Packaging, e-Logistics, Post Press and DM / Transpromo sectors, will take part in the LogiMAT fair in Stuttgart from March 10-12 and the SITL show in Paris from March 17-20.
The company plays an increasingly consolidated role in the logistics sec- tor, able to fully meet the needs of companies of different types and sizes, while at the same time excel- ling as a leader in complex projects.

LogiMAT and SITL: first stages of a 2020 dedicated to logistics After an extremely dynamic 2019 full of events and achievements, Sitma Machinery, a company from Spilam berto (MO), is preparing to open an equally intense 2020 with participation in the LogiMAT fairs (March 10- 12 in Stuttgart) and SITL (March 17- 20 in Paris).
These events offer a highly regarded stage for presenting a portfolio of solutions dedicated to logistics, from sorting systems to packaging machines, from development of software applications to intelligent management of shipping processes. However, Sitma’s presence at the main trade fair events is not just marked by the presence of it machines, but also by the exclusive know-how the company possesses thanks to 50 years of investment in product and process innovation.

Today more than ever, this know how allows Sitma to carve out a central role within the supply chain, offering itself as a supplier and global partner for the e-commerce and e-fulfilment sectors.
Not just hardware: the Crono Log offer
In recent years, Sitma has invested heavily in expanding its offerings to customers, studying solutions tailored to the specific needs of the market and paying particular attention to e-logistics.
This has led to the development of highly advanced hardware solutions and, at the same time, to increasingly efficient applications capable of operating according to predictive logic (predictive maintenance), optimizing the fl w and operation of the line. Embodying this concept is Crono Log, an innovative start-up accelerated by Sitma, and which provides the market with an integrated solution for automatically dropping off parcels, tracing and collecting data during the shipping phases, and smart delivery and return management.

The result is an extremely efficient solution for managing shipments from the first to the last mile — one that is capable of optimizing the performance of the line and improving efficiency along the entire supply chain, from initial packaging to delivery to the end user.
e-Wrap 2.0: the “green” packaging machine for e-commerce Both events will be characterized by the presence of e-Wrap 2.0, the next generation of one of Sitma’s most popular machines, presented last September in Birmingham at the IMHX fair.

Designed specifically for the e- commerce sector, the machine is prefig red as a solution that is both high-performing and environmentally friendly, able to pack packages and envelopes of varying sizes with different types of wrapping materials, including bio film and pap r.
The e-Wrap 2.0 can also be equipped with a special feeding system that offers the possibility of picking up, printing and applying paper inserts (such as invoices, return notes or other documents), integrating perfectly with the packaging without the need of glue, thus guaranteeing significant ma erial savings.

Synergy as a basis for innovation Sigma’s attention to sustainability does not stop at the machines, but rather it extends to the entire supply chain, as evidenced for example by the close relationship that the company has established with suppliers of raw materials.
Together with companies such as UPM The Biofore Company, a leader in paper production, the company is working to identify new solutions for packaging, taking a simultaneous approach to developing materials and ensuring their usability with the machines.
For this and other projects, the goal is to develop applications with high technological characteristics and high added value, which at the same time are based on respect for the environment and can reach the market in a short period of time.

Sigma’s e-commerce packaging solutions and Crono Log’s offerings for smart management of shipments will be available for viewing at the Sigma Machinery stand in Logimat, Hall 5 Booth D21, and at SITL, Hall 6 Booth L99.

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