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Nano Stretch film: Produced with 55-layer co-extrusion production line, made in Austria. This line, is equipped with a feed block and an extrusion Die/head that divides the material into 55 small channels which, overlapping, form our 55 layers of stretch film. Films produced with this technology have a molecular branching, not comparable to films produced on standard machines. In fact, exceptional results are achieved on the stretching percentage, up to 350%, tear and perforation resistance on a very low thicknesses, from of 8 microns up to 20 microns. With a few turns around the pallet of this film, an excellent stability of the packaged goods is guaranteed and with about 50% less plastic use than a standard 23 microns film. Safety, Savings and less Environmental impact is Guarantee! Best choice, easily demonstrable!

POF shrink film: Produced on Italian 5-layers co-extruded production line. The combination of LLDPE C8 Octene-based and PP on the external layers, give a technical characteristic of transparency, rigidity, weldability and heat shrinkage it is one of the best films on the market. With our formulations, we can recommend to the customer our different qualities for the different applications. Many times, inappropriate films are used for some applications, especially with higher thicknesses than those that could be used. Since 2017 we have introduced on the market our 10 micron film, a high technology film, with exceptional tear and perforation strength, low temperature and resistant welding, very high transparency and excellent rigidity even for high speed automatic machines. Safety, Savings and less  Environmental Impact is Guarantee! Best choice, easily demonstrable!

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