For over 40 years, Baumer has been synonymous with flexibility, customization and high quality in the production of secondary packaging machine with shrink-wrap film and wrap-around carton.

Baumer was founded in 1974 in the center of the packaging valley in modena, and immediately enjoyed a great international success. This allowed us to open our second office in Mexico in the early 2000s, designed to better support all customers in the American continent.

To date, more than 1500 systems have been installed in all 5 continents of the world. The product sectors covered are many, from: Dairy, Personal Care, Chemicals to Food & Beverage, which currently represents over 45% of turnover.

The great demand from the market and a business in constant growth has allowed us to expand our line with new machines designed to meet the latest demands of the sector. Baumer currently produces: Film-only, Pad and Film and Tray and Film shrinkwrappers, Wrap-Around packers, Combined packers, which include all the functions of the two previous machines in a single one, Traypacker 1000 designed to process large formats such as ½ pallets and ¼ pallets, multi-function machines that can include all the functions of the other machines and, finally, the new Baumer RT cartoners that process cartons and bags at high production speeds.

The fil rouge of each of our lines revolves around two key points: production flexibility and savings. For this reason, we have designed several special features and applications to achieve these crucial objectives for our customers.

Baumer’s Shrinkwrappers and Combined can now be equipped with the new GreenTech TM Tunnel, patented to guarantee optimal shrinking with ultra-thin film and a reduction in consump

tion of over 40% compared to the old generation tunnels. Another important patent is the automatic reel change, which allows to reduce the film thickness by 7% and to work without stopping the machine. 

The Wrap-Around case packers can work with cartons that are less thick than those of the competition and guarantee considerable production savings. Each line can be equipped with automatic format changes 

that allow you to switch from one format to another automatically by selecting it from the operator panel. 

Other applications, that we have developed in recent years, are the 90° and U-Shape infeeds. Two special configurations that allow to reduce the machine overall dimensions up to 50% and to process in continuous motion different products: bricks, square and circular bottles, cans and many others at high production speeds. 

Baumer has great expectations towards the future and that is why every year it reinvests more than 6% of its turnover in R&D, in order not only to keep up with the latest market demands, but also to dictate the guidelines of the sector with new technological innovations. Hence our pay off: “implementing innovation”. Currently our efforts are focused on the new Rouge project, which will see the light in the coming months.

Rouge is the green solution that allows not only to reduce environmental pollution by completely eliminating plastic, but also to lower production costs compared to common case packers. Contrary to the solutions that have been seen on the market, Rouge allows great portability and an attractive look, perfect for any marketing campaign. 

Central to Baumer’s philosophy is also the after-sales service, we know the challenges that our customers face every day and we are at their side. For this reason, we have developed ad hoc solutions to support them in the best possible way over time. For Exemple, the last arrive is Baumer Prime, the E-commerce platform that allows you to interact with the 3D of your machine and directly order the necessary spare parts in an easy and fast way. 

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