DolcePack is a young and dynamic Swiss company specialized in supplying innovative machinery for packaging food and non-food products. The DolcePack team has decades of experience in product weighing and packing providing state of the art machinery with focus on quality, efficiency and sustainability. DolcePack designs and manufactures pre-made pouch fill & seal machines. 

The company’s technology combines all key elements for modern machines, designed with flexibility for the quick changing markets requiring short runs for multiples SKU’s. 

The R-EVO 800-S Pre-made Pouch Fill & Seal machines are simple for operator use with full-frontal station visibility and automatic change overs. 

These benefits allow for wide possibilities in pouch variation all within a small footprint. R-EVO is designed for packing products like solids, liquids, and powders in multiple pre-made pouch types and sizes. 

The benefit of pre-made pouches allows reduced waste compared to rigid containers, glass or aluminium. 

The required volume/weight are less which correlates to less material waste and reduced carbon emissions from transporting more product in less space. This alone can give anywhere from 80-90% less carbon emissions, from production to transport combined. 

DolcePack proudly has capability to work with both mono-material and paper pouches. 

The mission to create machinery as modular units to add and combine based on specific production needs will make the production layout much simpler and straight forward. 

With the vision versus sustainability, DolcePack works with Mespack Spain as exclusive Italian agents. 

As Mespack has developed their program versus sustainability in increased production efficiency and reducing material requirements, DolcePack is working towards goals of reducing energy required to run our machines and becoming full electric. 

Machinery is just one key to the puzzle of optimizing packaging your product, DolcePack is also experienced in package analysis and consumer usage analysis. 

Allowing to connect the dots and maximize the consumer experience. With this, we can scout the materials and machinery needed to package properly the products presented to us. 

The atmosphere at DolcePack is to accept projects and challenges with open arms to learn, grow and satisfy each customer with their project goals. 

For more information contact DolcePack at: 

Ph. +41 919434445 

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