OMAG: Leading the Way in Italian Packaging Machinery Design and Production

In the realm of Italian industry, particularly within the packaging sector, OMAG shines as a beacon of excellence in crafting and manufacturing packaging machines and complete packaging lines, specifically tailored for bagging applications. With over fifty years of expertise and a global presence spanning three locations, OMAG serves a diverse array of industries – from food to cosmetics, chemicals to pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals – offering innovative, bespoke solutions that precisely meet each client’s unique requirements.

The adaptability of OMAG’s packaging lines is truly impressive, adept at handling a wide spectrum of product types: from powders to granules, from viscous liquids to tablets and assorted items.
Among its most sought-after offerings, OMAG proudly presents comprehensive lines for stick packs and sachet production, showcasing its unparalleled ability to satisfy the needs of an increasingly
dynamic, discerning, and evolving market.

At the core of OMAG’s operations lie the principles of flexibility, efficiency, and service excellence. These guiding tenets translate into fully tailored solutions, ensuring optimal outcomes for every client.
A pivotal aspect of OMAG’s strategy is its dedicated packaging testing division, where over 300
products undergo scrutiny annually, with more than 150 hours devoted monthly to rigorous testing.
This meticulous process unveils the latent potential of each product, enabling the proposal of optimal packaging solutions.

Collaboration with premier suppliers and the attainment of over 600 certifications annually underscore OMAG’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. The company not only excels in production but also distinguishes itself through its steadfast dedication to post-sales support.
Backed by a dedicated team, OMAG pledges swift responsiveness to every client need, encompassing spare parts provisioning, technical interventions, and informational assistance, with over 120 tailored support solutions offered annually.

OMAG’s approach to packaging is founded on meticulous analysis of client requirements, blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled customer care. This approach has solidified the company’s position as an industry leader, emphasizing the significance of flexible, efficient, and personalized
production methods.

In summation, OMAG epitomizes Italian excellence in the packaging sector, showcasing how
technological innovation, coupled with steadfast customer focus and robust investment in research and
development, can yield triumphant solutions for an increasingly demanding global marketplace. With OMAG, businesses secure not merely a supplier, but a strategic ally capable of enhancing the quality and efficiency of their packaging endeavors.

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