MULLER & KOSTER: The company that brought improvement to perfumery in Italy

75 years ago, MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. began an exciting journey. The company that brought improvement to perfumery in Italy was founded actually in 1945. From then on, and for each 75 years of history, MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. has undergone a profound transformation, demonstrating a constant ability to reinvent itself.

In these 75 years, Muller & Koster S.p.A. has launched on the market 35,000 fragrances, 140 essential oils, and a wide range of flavours for cosmetics, in different versions and allergenic profiles. Starting from 2019, the brand’s range has experienced an important leap forward with the entry into the natural fragrance segment with a list of over 300 100% natural fragrances certifiable Natrue and Cosmos.

The evolution and modernization of fragrances has been a constant throughout the journey, and to this has been added a technological development that has shaped every aspect of the essences, from the technical aspects to compliance with mandatory regulations up to the elimination of allergens.

MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. has made giant steps with the aim of converting into a service provider and going beyond the production of essences, with the aim of responding to one of the major trends of the future: the collaborative, shared and sustainable economy. In this sense, in 2019 MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. has started a careful scouting of current trends and communicating to its customers the news of the sector in order to enhance the marketing services of customers at no cost.

MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. intends to strengthen business models linked to the new concepts of natural fragrance, absence of allergens, sustainable products, with particular focus on Cosmos and Nature certifications. As part of the commitment for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production, MULLER & KOSTER S.P.A. is committed to a strong reduction in electricity consumption and natural resources.

Since 2018 Muller & Koster is deeply involved in UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. One of the key objectives of the SDGs is focused on our planet protection, which can be supported by a more sustainable production and consumption.

Our goal is to contribute to this objective, how can a producer and a manufacturer of fragrances and flavours further support the transition towards a more sustainable industry?

Sustainability does not only refer to the way ingredients are sourced or how the product is produced, but also to the materials used during its production and post-production. Innovation is key to support sustainability in the fragrance industry.

From the formulation and production of fragrances and flavours to customer processes with an environmental impact, such as the disposal of packaging and the biodegradability of ingredients, Muller & Koster natural and synthetic products guarantee a sustainable approach both at formulation and production level.

Biodegradability is also a key factor to contribute to the protection of the environment. All Muller & Koster products are microplastics free.

Finding alternatives to plastics in the development of packaging is extremely important, Muller & Koster encourage the use of aluminium and iron tanks to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment.

Supporting Muller & Koster brand and products, that promote respectful practices to protect the future of our planet, cosmetic and detergent producers can contribute to reduce their global environmental footprint.

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