Mini Motor wireless technology: COA – Can Over Air

New patented technology named COA is bound to become a reference in the sector

Mini Motor was established in 1965 and took its present company setup in 1974 strongly orienting its production to electric motors for industrial sector. Starting with metal and electricity, its know-how was further extended to electronics and IT technology, and between the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s, its background was further developed with industrial automation and mechatronics, strategic traits and inherent part of Mini Motor’s DNA since its foundation.

Research, development, and innovation: COA – Can Over Air, Mini Motor new wireless technology.

In 2012, Mini Motor started new design renewal and R&D path by introducing drives on gear motors and servomotors, followed by design and development of an extensive product range that would continue for many years to come.

At the same time, the company was also committed to different types of fieldbus, analogic firstly (Canopen and Modbus), and the evolved bus Ethernet secondly (Profinet, Ethercat, Powerlink and Ethernet IP).

All that let to considerable saving in terms of wires and support chains, and especially to more efficient control boards by delocalizing drives directly on the motors. After this phase, in 2018 the company focused on a new, ambitious, and exciting project: doing something more for machinery overall saving.

From this work COA – Can Over Air was created. Mini Motor has studied a proprietary wireless bus on ZIGBEE technology on 2.4 Mhz, which enables driving a motor wirelessly by simply sending information through a coordinator provided by Mini Motor, which creates a real transparent wire to remotely control all changeover or speed variations, and torque.

This new patented technology named COA is bound to become a reference in the sector, as wires used to be. The code number of the new range will have the prefix “W” and this letter can be applied to all Mini Motor integrated drives of Series DBS, DR and FCFast Change for highspeed changeover. Mini Motor has always a step into the future. Let’s join in this innovation path!.


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