Innovative Labellers for the Cosmetics Industry

ALTECH presents the ALline E/C in-line labelling system, specifically developed for cosmetics products.  

It is well known how, in the personal care products market, the characteristics of the packaging are often the exclusive preserve of marketing departments, which correctly see the packaging design as the most important means for recognition and promotion of the products. This often translates into a wide variety of shapes and sizes of the bottles, vials or jars used to contain the products, which the cosmetics company must manage.

This in turn influences the technical aspects of the production and packaging lines, from filling to the crucial labelling phase, in which the final product image comes together. The need for automation of the packaging phases must therefore take into account numerous formats, some of them very different, which the packaging line must handle, and which differ both in terms of the size of the bottle and in terms of the shape/material/characteristics of the container. 

Therefore, faced with these typical requirements of the cosmetics industry, ALtech presents its ALline E/C, a linear labelling system for the application of self-adhesive labels, able to perform frontback and wraparound labelling of various types of bottles: flat, elliptical and cylindrical shaped of various shaped and sizes, including those with inclined faces.

The system has been designed with ease of use as the primary design goal, a simplicity which also extends to the format change operations. The result is an extremely ergonomic labelling system, with all adjustments provided with screws and “soft” operation handwheels, equipped with a series of DROs to guarantee accurate repeatability in positioning. The system includes “tilting” assemblies for the heads to allow easy correction of any label inclination, once again equipped with DROs.

Management of the ALline E/C labeller is performed by a powerful PLC which controls all the machine’s functions, including synchronisation of all devices, which can thus follow any speed changes requested by the operator in unison. The PLC also allows the operator to control the operation of the entire system via a single touchscreen display, installed on a rotating console accessible from all sides of the machine. It allows the positions of each device to be recorded in the recipe so that they are automatically recalled with format changes, and guarantees the repeatability of the adjustments even in the presence of multiple operators present at different times. As an option, it is also possible to motorise the movements of the handwheels, so that the format change can be performed completely automatically at the simple press of a button.

The performance is impressive: 100-150 products/min, depending on the format, is the “cruising” speed for Altech’s ALline E/C systems, without compromising on the labelling quality and accuracy.


The company will display a wide range of new solutions at INTERPACK 2023 Düsseldorf from 4 to 10 May at Stand 8BC48 – Hall 08B.

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