Facegloss packaging combines recyclability and aesthetics

Quadpack supports the new cosmetic brand with a complete range of packaging

Launching a new cosmetic brand in such a competitive market is no easy feat. facegloss appeared on the scene in October 2023 with a full range of skincare products. Four months later, the Spanish brand found itself at the top of the charts, acclaimed on social networks and high-profile media. A key factor in its success is the beautiful recyclable packaging developed by the international cosmetics packaging manufacturer and supplier Quadpack.

Anna Arbós – founder, cosmetic coach and “skinfluencer” – already had a loyal following on social media as “Glow by Anna”. Creating facegloss was the realization of a dream; Anna has brought together all her knowledge in the creation of a range of highly performing and affordable skincare products, aimed at the millennial audience. With €220,000 in funding and the right partner network, they turned to Quadpack for the packaging of various products such as Cloud cleansing mousse, Chill toning and emollient spray, Superglow antioxidant serum, Glasskin all-in-one serum and the Feels Like Water moisturizing cream.

Quadpack has created a simple and refined range, in different formats, customizing some of its flagship items such as the Skin-Up bottle and the Regula glass jar as well as an excellent foamer and a nebulizer spray. The caps and pumps were decorated with a pastel lilac injection while the bottles and jars remained transparent but with a light touch of color, to highlight the formula inside.

For facegloss, sustainability is a fundamental factor, a part of its philosophy and its way of being. The packaging materials – polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and glass – were in fact chosen based on their recyclability.

Arbós said: “facegloss has been incredibly well received. We already have loyal consumers who appreciate the brand not only because it offers high quality products but also for its aesthetic image and spectacular packaging. As we always say, these are the products that you want to have in your bathroom.

“Our packaging is absolutely beautiful. Even though we were clear on what we wanted, Quadpack helped us from the beginning to consider the best options, always supporting us and offering us the best quality. Their professionalism and closeness to an emerging brand like ours is It was flawless!”


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