Expertise and research of the best raw materials to guarantee a high quality product

Stella Maris was born in 2014 in Canosa di Puglia, from the desire of a young woman, Vanessa Garofalo (graduated in Pharmacy and mastered Cosmetics at the University of Ferrara, Cosmast). The faith in her possibilities, the certainty of her personal skills and the audacity of the ambitions lead Stella Maris to be an always growing industry in cosmetic production.

Stella Maris guarantees high quality, thanks to GMP ISO 22716:2007 certification. This is a non-obligatory certification, but Stella Maris wanted and obtained it in 2016, yet, to guarantee high quality of its production and its products.

Strengths are expertise and daily research for the best raw materials to guarantee a high quality product and that respects determined standards. Start point for the birth of a Stella Maris signed cosmetic is the choice of raw materials: these are selected and chosen from the best suppliers, and are the foundation for the product’s creation.

Stella Maris idealizes its path getting inspired by great realities, and that’s why it is made from a synergic team made of professionists, to leave nothing approximated.

Professionists of the team study every situation in a slavish and scrupulous way. Actually, with the help of computerized logistic management system and the use of innovative tools and machinery, is able to optimize the productive process, making Stella Maris efficient and professional, able to operate on all the Italian and foreign territory in a competitive way.

Stella Maris realizes and produces every cosmetic product for third parties, guaranteeing and satisfying its own client requests. There’s a strong attention to the client’s needs, since the first steps, so that all the client requests can be satisfied.

Every cosmetic is formulated and produced following the customer instructions in terms of ingredients, texture and perfume. Stella Maris offers the opportunity to develop a personal cosmetic brand, following its customer from the formula studies to the finished products.

Stella Maris is always looking for innovative methods and quality to define productive standards and tends to the pursuit of higher quality levels. Passion and determination are what push Vanessa Garofalo and the Stella Maris’ team to recreate every day new ways to reinvent itself and get better, studying solutions that can help every client and meet its problems.


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